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SOLD: FS: A pair of Tannoy HPD/385/8 Drivers

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Item: A pair of Tannoy HPD/385/8 Drivers
Location: CANBERRA
Price: AUD 1600
Item Condition: Used, vintage, well-kept in clean, no pet, non-smoking environment
Reason for selling: Wife no longer accepts too many big speakers in small living area so kid has space to play around
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


- No original crossovers or any crossovers come with the drivers

- I have built a pair of Arden boxes for these drivers years ago. The boxes are thick (25mm mdf) and very heavy so anyone in Canberra are welcomed to come and have a listen the drivers with these boxes.

- If you want to have the boxes as well, may be 300$ more and you can take them home. 

- For interstate buyers, the best is not taking the boxes because they are big and heavy


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I have one crossover for these Can't believeI lost the other one.

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I did not look for the vintage crossovers because I built them myself with good new capacitors, resistors and coils. When I stopped using these drivers, I took the parts from these crossovers to build crossovers  for other speakers :)

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There's lots of info about building updated crossovers for these. Big improvement is likely, over the frail old Tannoy parts. (I did it).


Lovely drivers.

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Agreed about the cross-overs. https://speakerbug.com.au/ has some decent components, not so costly if not wanting to buy from over-seas. I used to buy Jantzen caps and air-core coils from them

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Posted (edited)

These are the boxes. My wife forced me to bring them down-stair into garage and I had to hire somebody to come over last weekend to help me bringing them down after taking the drivers out. We were careful but still damaged one corner (paint off a bit, in the photos) while taking them down with 3-wheel trolley


I have another set of boxes much heavier than these and bigger :)

IMG_6866 - Copy.JPG

IMG_6867 - Copy.JPG

IMG_6868 - Copy.JPG

IMG_6869 - Copy.JPG

IMG_6870 - Copy.JPG

IMG_6872 - Copy.JPG


IMG_6874 - Copy.JPG





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