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I haven't started a thread in ages, probably because they are about as popular as a fart in the lift, and deservedly so. Whatever. So, on the back of one vote in the currently spinning thread, I am starting a noise (music) thread. I choose to start the thread,





Orchestra of Constant Distress

2016 LP on 8mm Records

Minimal musical content, maximal volume and distortion. This album is the first of three (so far) by this band that is 50% made up of the remains of Skull Defekts, a recently defunkt Scandinavian noise-rock band. This is really good shiz, so get it up ya, noisesters.




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So, let's continue the most ignored thread on SNA [emoji867]

Tonight it's Alessandro Cortini with Merzbow. Particularly ugly synth based noise, but it has its charms. Confused? Couldn't care less? Tell me about it.


PS these Spendors are great with this shiz. So full of texture and nuance. Love it!

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@Dave O)))

So you may be the only person on SNA interested in hearing these results of some recent knob twiddling and square pushing that I have been indulging in. I can't wait for this to be the most ignored post in the most ignored thread on SNA


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Good stuff Mr D. I always have an ear for your recommendations. It seems there are one or two lurkers here. Perhaps we can hook them up before reeling them in.


Is this a thread, or should we call it a wire, with fine serrations and some carefully placed barbs? :unsure:


I was listening to some Radiohead earlier which was nice but, really, rock music is so passe. The real meat lies buried, underground. Even Radiohead know that. So many discoveries await our pleasure. Much digging to do. 


Jon Wesseltoft & Balazs Pandi - Terreng. Drones, drums and noise. Just lovely.






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Here's the undisputed modern master. Was at this gig :) Of course the point of a Merzbow gig is to feel it more than hear it!


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My current favourite noise-related video on you tube. Believe it or not, it's a synth review.



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