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trouble Pairing Sanyo LCD-32XR8DA with Remotec 1279041 universal Remote control (URC)

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My TV is a Sanyo LCD-32XR8DA  and my Remote control is a -

Remotec 1279041 universal Remote control (URC) - https://www.manualslib.com/manual/140236/Remotec-1279041.html


Apparently -the codes written on - https://codesforuniversalremotes.com/universal-remote-control-codes-sanyo-tvs/

are Only 3 pin codes and not 4 as expected by - https://www.manualslib.com/manual/140236/Remotec-1279041.html


So far I been doing the following as suggested by the manualslib remote control website -


1. Referring to the DEVICE CODE LIST, look up the 4-digit Device Code which corresponds to the brand of your A/V equipment. If there is more than one Device Code listed under your brand, start from the first code.

2. Press the desired Device Mode Key (e.g. TV).

3. Hold down "CH +" and "VOL -" on the URC simultaneously for 2 seconds until the indicator light under the power key lights up. 4. Use the number keys "0" - "9" to enter your 4-digit Device Code. The indicator should go out after the 4th digit is entered.


Turn on your device (e.g. TV), then try the function keys on the URC. If your device (e.g. TV) responds to your activated function correctly, you have entered the right Device Code. Otherwise, repeat the above steps with the next available Device Codes until your device (e.g. TV) responds to your activated function, and most keys work correctly


After trying all codes - :054, 069, 023, 025, 004, 013, 049, 108, 110, 180, 209 -none of them worked - should I give up and get a different Remote control or is there something Im doing wrong ?


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I had just posted the following response in your Whirlpool query, but you may find it here first...


Although I suspect you will resolve your issue, if still no luck, please confirm the make and model number of the remote control?

That is, where did the Remotec 1279041 information come from?




As per the instruction for this remote control, if you don't have the 4 digit codes for you brand TV, the remote control can be set to automatically step through its built in codes until one works for your TV. (Though it still might not be compatible).


Refer to page 2 of instructions under heading By Searching Through Library to put remote control into auto search mode (a bit tedious and it may take quite some time to actually get to the required code though).


Hope this helps and you find a solution soon.





Perhaps this more comprehensive version of user manual with the codes listed may solve your problem....




Sanyo codes: (start with first code, then try each code next if doesn't work fully)
0141 0151 0401 0491 0651 0781 0801 0821 0981 1101 1111 1291 1351 1691 1741


God Luck.


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