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Great Buys On Ebay, Gumtree, Marketplace etc.

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I did my good deed for the day..    A guy listed on Gumtree FOR FREE to give away a Garrard 301 with SME 3009 Arm!!!! 😮    I promptly rang him and told him he was potentially throw

Gumtree is a eBay owned business for some time now. Surprising when one hears it the first time but true.   As far as 300% profit which you call outrageous, it is not different to what super

I really want to throw this SNA member under the bus for his actions lately. I sold him a set of the Yamaha's in the ad for $1900 and he has them listed at $4000 now. Also he was $100 short which he n


Nice speaker obvious signs of water damage (most likely flood) to the bottom of the speaker. What's even worse is that bottom chamber is completely dampened with foam inlay that is not UV rated foam and has deteriorated by now, with the water damage I'd say it's nasty inside.


The more I read or see about the Orpheus Nexus speakers the more I regret selling my pair.

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[QLD] JBL 4315A Studio Monitors   $1500 Auction $2000 Buy It Now


Not a bad price at all really. They look pretty tidy, I wouldnt sell mine for the price he is asking. Don't agree with the 4315A vs 4315B comment he made as I owned them both and A'B'd them.


Would like to see how he could ship them anywhere in Australia for $60-$130



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I'm not sure if this is a great buy as such but it does stand out as being noticeable. 


And anyway, it is way past time I posted something worthy of being called audio porn.



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NAD M2 Direct Digital Amplifier. Bid within 12 hours. Lost for words at pricing for this unit.






It is a desirable amp. Not sure that US$2949.39 ( about AU$4250 ) is such a great price. Though the US$2325.00 price might be good value if you were in USA. If you were quick you could have picked up an M2 locally for AU$2500 a month ago here including a short warranty. 


Edit: actually for only a few hundred AU$ more than the one from ebay delivered to AU, you could get a new/open box local model with full warranty from here


Another edit: I guess when you posted this, the bid was only US$550.00.

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