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Great Buys On Ebay, Gumtree, Marketplace etc.

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I did my good deed for the day..    A guy listed on Gumtree FOR FREE to give away a Garrard 301 with SME 3009 Arm!!!! 😮    I promptly rang him and told him he was potentially throw

Gumtree is a eBay owned business for some time now. Surprising when one hears it the first time but true.   As far as 300% profit which you call outrageous, it is not different to what super

I really want to throw this SNA member under the bus for his actions lately. I sold him a set of the Yamaha's in the ad for $1900 and he has them listed at $4000 now. Also he was $100 short which he n

Some things that are seen can never be unseen.


The seller will check his listing thinking "ah it's an old record player maybe I should lower my $300 start bid :O ... Struth !!, bugger me ..$510 !!"

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Yeah - Nice with the Elite "Urushi" finish. The Onkyo M-506 under is nice too..

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my comment regarding the rega being so wrong in so many ways was not a comment based on taste but rather the hotch potch approach taken by the seller in putting it all together. anyone who thinks this will sound like a p3 as supplied from factory will be disappointed in a big way.

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re the rare spendor speakers;

"some marks on the base and wear on the grille cloth"......... what about the rooted tweeter domes on both speakers.

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[NSW] Accuphase p-300 and c-200

I'm sure they are worth the starting price but a maybe a couple of areas of concern, the VU meters have the sadly faded red sections common on these and I am not sure if the huge power caps in the p-300 have been replaced, they really should be because the old ones are all f#cked even if they sound alright. A lot of techs, even good ones, cannot be fagged replacing them as they are a strange size and the Mundorfs :love are pricey.

Still, worth keeping an eye on


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Why didn't we just call it Online Bargains if it HAD to be changed. At least now the pedants will be smugly satisfied... Geeeeez!!!





I'm sure there are people who would complain about that.

For example,

Q: where are those ebay posts....

reply , it's here..

ow, but I don't see the name ebay anywhere....

reply, but that's the new name..

ow , I don't like change... :(


Bottom line, there always be complaints.

Other bottom line, at least there is improvement.

I do love the new name.

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