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Nura Loop / Nura Phones Owners Thread

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Best to live with the delay. I would advise against picking up in person.

As I mentioned, everyone's experiences will differ due to the personalisation but I'm very familiar with MIY and Beyerdynamic (similar personalisation/testing) and they're fantastic (Lagoon ANC are st

aww I'm sorry - that's a little bit tooooo long to wait personally. 'Late December' is code in my world for, "oh, and a bit into 2020 as well"   I need a good pair of daily headphones n

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Yeah did receive that. I'll run the update in the morning.

Meanwhile, have contacted Nura about my faulty touch sensing, no response yet.

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On 16/05/2020 at 6:07 PM, Marc said:

As I mentioned, everyone's experiences will differ due to the personalisation but I'm very familiar with MIY and Beyerdynamic (similar personalisation/testing) and they're fantastic (Lagoon ANC are still my go-to travel 'phones). 

I think it's more to do with the fact that she cares much less about the sound quality, and digs the form, features and functions.

Not likely :)

Little off-topic, but what do you think of the Beyerdynamic Lagoon headphones? I've started looking around the past few days at possibly a BT set & have been reading up about these. I own the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, so like the sound signature.


Can you compare them to any other BT phones, if at all the Sony's?

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On 16/05/2020 at 10:25 PM, Marc said:

I've got a problem with the left earphone touch pad not working correctly. It's an intermittent problem and have to keep taking it out and reinserting it to get it to work.

Looks like I'll be raising the issue with Nura.

Have been following the Nuraloop sub-thread on Reddit & seeing a fair few people post different technical issues. Not great.

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On 16/05/2020 at 10:07 PM, Hytram said:

Ahhh, don't you just love tracking cookies... 


Jumped on to Facebook straight after I posted the above and what was the first sponsored ad on my Facebook feed.. 


A review for nuraloop




It's not a bad review actually.. 


Might wait until the first month to see what problems surface, if any 


But I think I am sold. 

Just read that review. Given what people are saying here, it's almost as if its a different product :(

On 16/05/2020 at 10:07 PM, Hytram said:

But I think I am sold. 

I'm certainly not. 

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1 hour ago, sir sanders zingmore said:

Just read that review. Given what people are saying here, it's almost as if its a different product :(

I'm certainly not. 


I think a lot here are looking at and comparing it to an audiophile product, myself and probably a majority of its buyers are probably not. Its very rare for me to do so, but competing for best is class for best sound is not a major concern for me, it's the mic capabilities in noisy environments, the Bluetooth plus wired capability and ANC. Sound is almost the last thing.. (but the better, the better) 


The only place I will use these are on the job and in a plane where critical listening isn't that important to me. 


I think if are worried 'only' about sound quality, these are not for you. 


Is there another inner ear earphone that does Bluetooth and wired? Thats what sold me. 


Anywho, ordered a pair last night. Will know shortly. 

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Mine arrived today.


Put them in my ears straight out of the box, just to see what they feel like.  Hmm, feel like they feel like? :blink:


They didn't feel too bad.  Fitted okay, although there did seem to be a fair bit of noise from the cable when I moved my head around which was a bit worrying.  They just kept repeating saying charge for an hour or whatever it was. 


No worries, plugged them into a 5V charger for a couple of hours.


Downloaded the app on my phone, put the earphones in and tried to connect.  They just don't show up.  Checked what version of Bluetooth my phone had, 4.2, yep all good.  Can't connect them to anything because they don't seem to be turning on.  Even using the 3.5mm plug attached to my computer, there's just no sound.  Connecting them back to the charger doesn't appear to reset them either.




I guess I shouldn't be surprised really.  



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Well, the first hour was frustrating.


I am now in love.


I haven't had anything like this before - others with more headphones and in-ears migh have, but not me.

I am surprised at how comfortable they are, once you get them on and in your ear (not easy).

I am fascinated by the social mode - so silent, then one tap and you are back in the conversation.


I was really taken by the difference in sound using my brother-in-laws setting, then mine.  We hear things somewhat similarly but oh so differently.


Haven't used the microphone/call side of it yet.


The noise cancelling is significant.  And the immersion if you want some more or less base.


It does take an hour to get into them, and I don't think I have a fault with mine.  I might be lucky.  The instructions are pretty thin - all intuitive stuff.

So light.  Only used bluetooth so far, with TIDAL.

I did try the TV with bluetooth - that was patchy.  Could be the television....


Well done NURA.  And, one day, I'll try those other headphones which are better.  12 months was worth the wait.




ps  all I need now is a plane or a bus or train to catch.

These nuraloops would be terrible on a bike or running - you wouldn't hear anything around you.

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Further to my note above.


Did a listening session with my wife, who loves music more than I do.

She has always preferred more treble adjustment when she listens to music.  Sounds thin to me.

I listen to the nuraloops with her settings set for her ears, and there it is - the higher treble balance.

Her ears are just different to mine.


I am now starting to question whether I should care about the opinion of others on the quality of speakers.

I still do, but now I appreciate how different what I hear is from what they may hear.

Quality sound is quality sound, so that is good.  But whether the balance of sound/bass/treble/mids is right will depend on the individual's ears.  Definitely a case of 'your mileage may vary'.

Of course, my ears are 61 years old, and so my opinion might not apply equally to someone not yet 30 with better hearing.


Would I take the opinion of someone with red/green colour blindness on whether a piece of art had the right colours?  No. 

But I probably don't know that what they see is different to what I see.


I am impressed with the technology in such a small package. I do like technology though.


If any SA friends here on SNA want to see/try, send me a message (sms or IM).

I'll be delighted to share 20 minutes with you and to undertake your own personal hearing adjustment.

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Ordered mine on Monday afternoon, arrived at work Thursday, picked them up today and just got them going.. 


Social mode, wow that's going to be a game changer.. 


So simple to turn social mode on and off, volume up and down and pause and play. 


As for sound, they sound great but I don't really have anything highend headphone wise to compare them too, all my head phone listening is in crappy environments, I have never listened to headphones for critical listening at home.


Testing has only been with my S9+ and Spotify, and that's all they will probably ever get use for except when on a plane. 


The thing that caught me out is the Audio setting on the phone, I had profiles set up for adapt sound and eq on, this seem to translate with the testing and playing, I turned all that off and recalibrated and got a different shape on the app. 


Happy so far, let's see how they work in a data centre on Monday 

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22 minutes ago, Hytram said:

Ordered mine on Monday afternoon, arrived at work Thursday, picked them up today and just got them going.. 



I had to look up my order number for support.  Turns out I received them a year to the day exactly after I ordered them.  



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  • 2 weeks later...

Mine were sold on Gumtree the day after I received mine. 

Basically, everything about them from sound to fitment I hated. 
Ive used the Nuraphone and loved them for so long that the loops were far behind. Different headphones I know, but when I put on my AirPods Pro directly after wearing the Loops and much prefer the AirPods, well the loops had to go. That bloody cable behind your head was the worst thing about them. 
They were sold and never looked back. 
personally, I think they should have stuck with making an improved Nuraphone Mk2 instead of making a behind the times wired canal phone. 

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I am giving mine another couple of days, getting better with the fitment, but it takes so much experimentation. 


The cable at the rear annoyed me the first day, few days later didn't know it was there, people with long hair might have a problem 


I have to have a cable at the rear as I hang them around my neck while not in use, I would lose airpods in a instant 


Happy with the sound and ANC in data centres but people are complaining they can't hear me in calls, 


Some great positives with these headphones... Some major negatives too

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I went and saw a fellow SNA'er yesterday, and had the Nuraloops in the car.


So, we did a test with his ears - not a perfect test as the seal wasn't great and his 2 year-old daughter was singing at the same time.  Anyway, the profile was fascinating.  He isn't a young dad, so his hearing reflected his age.  This was a very quick session, so don't read too much into this.


His stereo system is genuinely hi-fi (well known to many here in SA and on SNA) and some here find the bass a little strong (I don't).  So, I listened to my nuraloops with his profile and what do I hear - a strong bass, particularly the left channel. Stronger than my profile needs.


Now, if I could just visit @Kensell21 and check his profile, we will probably complete the story.

I am certainly understanding why our systems might sound different to each of us that are middle-aged.  Our hearing isn't as good as our opinions are.



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Given in to curiosity & ordered a pair of Nuraloops last Thursday, expected to arrive tomorrow. Main thing that's gotten me to do it has been seeing people post they have managed to fit Comply Foam tips onto them. Will report my thoughts after some listening.

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On 14/06/2020 at 6:07 PM, Jovan.s1987 said:

 Main thing that's gotten me to do it has been seeing people post they have managed to fit Comply Foam tips onto them. Will report my thoughts after some listening.

I never though of that! 


Been having issues with getting them to stay in, had to turn off the 'buttons' because I was touching them so often I was constantly Turing the social mode and music on and off.. 


So as soon as I got home I removed the rubbers off my old Panasonic inner earphones (could wear those Melbourne > London) and they fitted straight on and straight in my ears.. 


Did a recalibrate, shock, completely different.. 


The orginals are very shallow, the aftermarket are quite deep, my thinking is because the Nuraloops measure the shape of your inner ear, deeper plugs are going to affect that testing 


But the biggest change was swapping the wax screens, mine were totally covered in ear funk.. 


Must clean the ears every morning.. 


The deeper aftermarket rubbers might help the lessening of build up of wax on the screens too



Original profile when I first got them 



With the Panasonic tips


Once I replaced the ear wax screens with the Panasonic tips



On a side not, the mic quality in loud environments seems to be an known issue of the sound processing take a bit time to kick in, people seem to be able to hear me well with it actually kicks in


Here is the email I got from Nura this week regarding the issues




My previous email was an update on the shipping status of your NuraLoop and I hope you have been enjoying your experience since receiving them. However, if, like a portion of our customers you have experienced some issues, I would like to assure you that we are aware of them and are working toward some resolutions.


Our top priorities include:


Improving automatic on/off function


On occasion, the NuraLoop enters deep sleep mode while still in use and this can result in difficulty in turning them on again. We believe we can make improvements to this and a potential solution may be the addition of a manual on/off mode.


Voice calls


On occasion the voice processing software does not initialise correctly which results in your voice sounding quiet or muddy to the other person on the call. We will be looking to improve this.




When the earbud is not sitting well in the ear the TouchDial functionality is disabled. We are confident the majority of these issues can be corrected with a relatively simple firmware update.


Sealing the ear


We will look at improving the current app settings for fit detection so that the personalisation process is easier for customers to complete.


Our team of engineers and developers are dedicated to fixing these issues and we aim to have a software update available in 4-6 weeks. During this time, our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee will be extended to 60 days to accommodate for the resolution of reported issues


If you do run into problems, we want to reassure you that every enquiry to Customer Service is handled by a Nura team member located in Melbourne, London or L.A. All know the products in detail and give time and care to each enquiry.

Our standard response time is 24 hours but currently, we are responding within three days due to a larger number of enquiries than we anticipated. We expect to get back to a reasonable response time within a couple of weeks. Please be patient while we work through this as customer care is very important to us.


We are also on track with the ‘NuraLoop Replacement Cable Program’ and we expect deliveries on the replacement cable to begin from June 15th. We will be in touch nearer the time with your tracking number and instructions.


I’d like to thank you again for being one of our valued customers. I know this journey has been a long one for many of you; thank you for being a part of it. The Nura team is fully focused on ensuring the NuraLoop is the best it can be and you have the best experience possible.





Dr. Luke Campbell


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No regrets selling mine the next day, went back to work, popped on the Nuraphones and moved on. Love them. 

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Have had a few days of listening with them now. Firstly, much prefer the fit with foam tips. I'm currently using T-400 isolation with wax guard from Comply, which I usually use on my Sony Wf-1000xm3. I managed to setup another hearing profile with the foam tips & the results came back a little different to the stock tips, but not major. I have ordered another set of foam tips, without wax guard, as I've read a fair bit the wax guard can muffle the response.


Sound quality wise, there is a fullness in the sound which I can't recall hearing in any other in-ear phones before, that including my Sony true wireless, Shure 425's & Westone W30's. Guessing it's the way Nura have implemented the bass response, but whatever it is, it's pretty damn good. 


Still not sure about the cable, sometimes it annoys me, others I don't notice it's there.


Just on the Comply tips, I ordered T-400 isolation without wax guard from minidisc, I was notified Comply Australia are discontinuing the numbered series of tips - I'm not sure what the solution will be. In any case, I'm trying out the T-200 tips as that's what they had available.

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So I got a working pair this week, or was it last week?  I have no idea these day with working from home, every day is the same.  Whatever.  Haven't listened to them much, but they sound okay.  Not going to test the noise cancelling for a bit probably, but it does seem quieter i guess.  Still, should be useful if I ever go back to having to commute to work.

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  • Marc changed the title to Nura Loop / Nura Phones Owners Thread
  • 4 weeks later...

new FW released today

I have been using these almost everyday for work since I have got them, bit of a love hate relationship with them

(when they do work, they are great for music and call in high noise environments) 

to get them to point where I don't throw them in the bin is I had to turn off all functions of pressing the buttons, replace the rubber tips with generic tips from some off headphones and they seemed to work ok except turning off for no reason

hopefully with the new FW they will work closer to what they were originally designed to do 




Hello Marty,

The NuraLoop firmware is ready for download. This update will address your most reported issues and improve the functionality of your NuraLoop.

How to Update Your NuraLoop

Step 1

Ensure your NuraLoop has at least 30% charge, the update will take around 20 minutes to complete.

Step 2

Update your app via the iOS App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android).

Step 3

Connect your smartphone and NuraLoop via Bluetooth.

Step 4

Open the Nura app to view instructions on how to complete the update and follow the prompts.

For more assistance, you can visit our support page here

What The Update Includes

Manual On/Off Mode (recommended) ––
New setting to manually turn your NuraLoop on/off.

Double Tap Functions ––
Further customise your TouchDials with double tap.

Voice Calls ––
Improved reliability and quality of voice calls.

Sealing The Ear ––
Improved fit detection for easier calibration.

Plus ––
Additional bug fixes, including improved analog latency experienced by musicians.

Thank you for your patience and support. Your feedback is always valued, and we look forward to hearing about your improved experience of your NuraLoop.

Dr. Luke Campbell



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I assume it's bluetooth related, but i quite often, but not always, have trouble with the sound cutting out or stuttering when I've got my phone in my front jeans pocket.  As soon as I take it out, the sound is normal.  That's a bit annoying.

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I received my Nuraloops yesterday. I knew when I bought them that Nura is really doing something different - and to be honest I was more interested in how the personalised sound would deal with Middle aged ears, tinnitus and a lifetime of doing gigs.

I know a couple of people with the larger Nuraphones and was tempted to go there after really positive reviews from both, but I have really great on-ears already - and was looking for something more portable - alhtough I'll admit that I was expecting something of the 'wow' factor that my friends had expressed in regard to the Nuraphones.



The setup took a little while as there was a firmware update that seemed to stall a couple of times before restarting everything and reloading the app.

Everything works fine - the touchdials very sensitive and adjusting the fit results in turning things on and off which is a bit annoying. Once I got the fit right and ran the hearing 'fit test' the ambient environment changed - and the importance of the seal becomes apparent. I have a little hearing loss in one ear and some HF loss in both.


Firstly with the phone - and everything (ANC, Immersion and personalised settings) on.  I've never been a huge fan of the audio from my iPhone. iTunes and my Hi Res player app re- compress  everything - even with decent on-ear phones. Given that the Nuras have profiled my hearing - it was a mixed bag of deep low end and rather processed sounding highs.

Acoustic instruments have never sounded that convincing through the iPhone - so just to A/B I plugged the Nura analog cable into my old iPod classic and the piano at the beginning of  Rickie Lee Jones 'Pirates"  sounded more organic than the iPhone. The Nura's highs and high mids were less mechanical through the iPod - and listening to a few more tunes I realised that the Nuras - like most in- ear buds are sensitive to any type of compression - in my personalised mode at least.

I tend to do a lot of hifi listening with vinyl so Im super critical of digital audio at the best of times.

Acoustic guitar in the middle range on its own sounded really present - but the bass and lower mids  (with immersion at about 60%) and overall ambience was something unique from other headphones I have tried. Interestingly my tinnitus was noticeably more understated while the Nuraloops were on.


The audio improved again when listening from my iPad - milder artifacts in the high end but mids (female vocal and acoustic guitar) were warmer and more forward in the mix.


As a final test I used them to watch Bladerunner 2049 on Blu Ray - and they captured all of the sonics really well. Most of the soundtrack is electronic - and the Nuras sounded 'at home' with these textures and dynamics - it was very immersive.


I have yet to try them with the Hi Res audio stuff I have which always sounds terrific through speakers - it will be interesting.

Fit is good  - the Nuraloops stay stable and quiet while I moved around and went for a walk. The ANC is fantastic. They seem very well built too.


As for 'wow?' not exactly. I found the fit and comfort fine. Yes the noise cancelling is terrific, Bluetooth and interface very good and setting up once the update completed was straight forward.. The immersion setting not a typical bass enhancer -  more of a unique ambient and deep bass response that I personally havent heard from in-ear buds before.


The overall SQ is a work in progress perhaps.  I guess Nura are doing something else with these -as I didnt experience fatigue from listening to them - but they didnt transform the listening experience in every aspect either and the top end seemed out of whack with the quality of other frequencies - but then again my hearing in HF is definitely on the wane..Having read how other users have adapted other headphone tips - this may well be a factor too - and something to experiment with.

I can see how the subscription idea could be really good - as they continue to develop this technology and if one is up for paying for that journey. The Nuraloops process electronic sound very well but for me the timbre of acoustic instruments especially vocal, strings, piano and cymbals and the upper end of the acoustic guitar were inconsistent -  and very dependent on the recording and degree of compression.


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2 hours ago, gator2310 said:

the touchdials very sensitive and adjusting the fit results in turning things on and off which is a bit annoying. 



Turn off all single tap functions and only use double tap.. 


It's the only thing that saved me from throwing them in the bin.. 


They work quite well with the new FW. 

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