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Equaliser for Windows / Spotify

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Some suggestions?


My main aim is to slightly tweak the bass on a pair of headphones to get a bit more impact, no real need to touch anything else.


I briefly tried SonarWorks (free trial), and whilst it gives more bass as desired, it also has a bit of a muffling/veiled effect. Noticeable enough to not want to use it.


So after either a Spotify/App specific type software, or a blanket windows override solution. Tweak some frequencies without losing quality/clarity etc.


I'll keep google researching, but usually most helpful hearing it from people who have already tested a few out.

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Using the WDM Driver or WASAPI Loopback feature of JRiver Media Center it will allow you to use it's audio engine of which you can do many things.



This will take quite a bit of learning and configuring; it won't be plug and play.

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Will look into it, thanks!


Don't mind a bit fiddly, most good stuff is.

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