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So i had to place my stereo in storage for 3 years while I was overseas.


Nakamichi RE-10 amp

Nakamichi MB-10 5 CD player

Dali Evidence 470 speakers

And an Aaron (SW120?) sub


The amp had developed a internittent fault in the front panel switches. No problem, pulled them apart, repaired the contacts and reassembled. However the CD player looks like it may to too far gone. It refuses to finish it's power up testing. Internally there is no sign of fractured joints, no leaky Cappies, no signs of any component failure. Only thing I can assume is one of the ICs has bitten the dust.


So. I'll be relaxing the CD player, but is it worth updating the amp as well? I would be looking around the ballpark of $1k each for replacement. Since i've been out if it for a while, does anyone have any recommendations? 


This will be strictly for stereo music use.


Thanks in advance


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I can't reccomend  anything but some great used amps  come  up in the classifieds 

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Replace the amplifier, there’s much better newer ones for around 1k or less if buying second that will beat the re10. Gary the music monster 🎶

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