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New member- Single speaker searcher

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Hi guys,    thought i better after introduce myself after being a lurker for a few years.  

been a musician most of my life which led me to studio equipment which finally led me searching for the best HIfi gear I could find on a small budget.  had some great finds and built 2 systems in my house.  Both of which I love but like most of you,  im always searching for the next thing


upstairs I have a Audio Technica LP5  turntable running into a Marantz SR6006, which powers a set of Yamaha NS 500s with the beryllium Tweeters.   Its the living room setup so its simple and easy for the wife.


Downstairs In my listening room I have a French ERA 5055 with a 2M Blue on it,  running into a Marantz 2238 for the preamp and then into a NTA tube amp running 4x Kt88s,  2x 12ax7 and 2 12au7s.  powering a set of Richter Secret weapons that I found left for dead and brought back to life and could not be happier. 

I Have only recently aquired a single Altec 604-8g in a horribly painted white 620 cabinet that once having the crossover rebuilt and the diaphragm replaced sounds divine,  If only I can find another one reasonably priced one day ill build new cabinets myself.  

The last notable piece of gear stashed in my house is a single Lenard Sarabande that is beautiful but lonely for its friend.

Notice a pattern,   i am really good at finding wonderful single speakers and longing for their partners.  

So thats me in a nutshell.  I listen to mostly vinyl or streaming via Chromecast Audios which I have attached to each system.  

I sell music for a living so Im always looking for wonderful new tunes and wonderful new speakers to hear them on.


Greetings from the central coast 






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Hi Ken,


Greetings, if you put your request for the speaker into the 'Wanted To Buy' part of the Classifieds you may have more chance of an answer than in general forum areas, good luck with the search and enjoy the forum.



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Hi JJ,   i have an Ad already placed in the want to buy,  this was more just an introduction, I do seem to be the single speaker searcher.  

thanks for your reply 

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