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Barsoum Girgis

120" tab-tension, motorised, silver, 16:9 projector screen

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Item: 120" tab-tension motorized silver projector screen
Location: Sydney, Warwick Farm
Price: $850  $700
Item Condition: 8/10 - crease in the bottom left hand corner due to left string cut. Needs to be reattached/tied/replaced and it should be perfect again. 
Reason for selling: Upgrading to a 135" screen
Payment Method: Pickup - COD Only
Extra Info:

I am the second owner of this quality 16:9, 120 inch motorized, tab tension silver screen.

-Flexible/soft PVC material. I apologise I could not find the gain for the screen, but according to my measurements it is between 1.8-2.0 gain.

-It comes with a remote and a IR/RF transmitter

-Has 2 movable hook all the way across for flexible ceiling placements. Can easily be wall mounted too.

-It has a top black border up to 60cm to drop the screen further down if required.

-The black metal chasis has 2 black velvet strips on it to help reduce reflected light from the ceiling onto the screen.

-Weighs 20kgs


Inspections are welcome. :)












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price drop

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Hi Super Kermit,


This model is discontinued, as they stopped producing silver screens and replaced them with their matte grey model now. The brand is Visual Apex and their new replacement model number is T2HFWG and would cost $1200 brand new. I guess they have gone down this route because it opens up the viewing angle from 120 to 180 degrees but in turn it would drop down the screen's gain from around 2.0 to 0.85.

In regards to the left string, I think it is more of a DIY project. I doubt it would be too hard to fix (just needs to attach a thin string tie one end to the current string were the other end will need to be wrapped to the weighted bar and turn the screw, in the weighted bar, to keep it fixed in position) but am willing to reduce the price and let the next owner fix it.

Hope that helps :)

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