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How does one compare Class A power ratings with A/B

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Yes you are 100% right the version at DiyAudio is a 20 watt amp and there is a 50 watt version also.

I have built the 20 watt version and is a wonderfull sounding amp easy to build, no adjustments, and NO Unobtainium parts.

If i  remember correctly there is a 35 watt version using a higher rail voltage with different out put devices that was mentioned in the thread.

Hugh talks about the AKSA commercial version in post #3155 DiyAudio thread.


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my unison research s6 valve jobbie though rated at 30-35 w class A pulls in the order of 270-300w :)


not checked how hot gets.... ive always been of believe they pull constant power... any watts not used in music is shed as heat....

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Seems about right.   For ~35w output....  with each channel pulls about 4x that power from the wall = 280w

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