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Pioneer HDJ-X10c Carbon Fiber Edition DJ Headphone review

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Continuing with the music samples aspect of my Pioneer HDJ-X10c review, the following are a few of the "odds and ends" I've picked up in the process of reviewing headphones. The sound of most of these tracks is sufficiently good to complement any decent headphone, but they show off the HDJ-X10c's sonic qualities as well as anything I've heard. Some of these may be hard to find, particularly in the exact mix/remix.


Le Voyage Dans La Lune: Soundtrack to a hand-painted color movie. A terrific variety of sounds that show off the excellent audio qualities of the HDJ-X10c.


Muse - Madness: Strong bass line with mass vocals. Clearly delineated by the HDJ-X10c.


Mylene Farmer - Desenchantee: French vocal over a driving bass beat. Very enjoyable with the HDJ-X10c.


Robyn Hitchcock - Autumn Is Your Last Chance: Acoustic/electric guitar with compelling vocal. Pure class as reproduced by the HDJ-X10c.


Samantha James - Amber Sky: Reverberant instrumentation and ethereal vocal. Dreamy stuff that sounds amazing on the HDJ-X10c.


Satchmode - Best Intentions: Atmospheric vocals over a very decent bass line. Exquisite reproduction by the HDJ-X10c.


Sneaker Pimps - Underground (Nellee Hooper Mix): Slow-paced club music with female vocal and subtle but very effective bass impacts. The bass in this track will be appreciated only in a quiet listening spot.


Soliquid - Shibuya (Paul Keeley Remix): Eight minutes and 50 seconds of heavenly beats and awesome musical synth effects as heard with the HDJ-X10c.


Stones and Bones - Love Lockdown: Ibiza 2014 track with a very spacious atmosphere and a bit of contrapuntal vocal. Outstanding on the HDJ-X10c.


Susanne Sundfor - Accelerate: High-ambiance noise with decent bass impacts and reverberant vocals. The HDJ-X10c makes this track come alive.


Third Sex - Monster Snack: One of the best of the Goth/RiotGrrrl genre, available on the Free To Fight CD. Somewhat primitive sound with aggressive vocal, but there ya go - as good as it gets with this headphone.


Three-11 Porter - Surround Me With Your Love: Pleasant male-female vocal mix against a big-ambiance backdrop. Lush presentation by the HDJ-X10c.


Visage - Fade To Grey: Atmospheric and reverberant recording supported by a luscious synth line. The HDJ-X10c plays this perfectly.


When Saints Go Machine - Love And Respect: Super-energetic music with reverberant vocal counterpoint. Strong bass impacts delivered cleanly by the HDJ-X10c.


Yaz - Situation: Bright pop-EDM music from the past. Played exquisitely by the HDJ-X10c.


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      Streaming and Airplay
      As a network player with integrated WLAN, this device plays music files in all of the relevant formats from the home network including high-resolution DSD and FLAC files, naturally gapless and with a convenient app control. Tablets and Smartphones can be seamlessly and wirelessly integrated via AirPlay or without a network via Bluetooth.
      4K Ultra-HD Scaling
      Give your Ultra-HD Display the food it needs. This Pioneer device is not only fully compatible with all available high-definition video signals, its high-performance video scaler also produces 4K images, even from low-resolution material. In this way, with up to 20 times as many pixels, even your old DVDs will gain a new dimension where both focus and interference are concerned.
      Professional Sound Eualization
      MCACC Pro analyses the sounds from your loudspeakers via an accompanying microphone and adapts the volume and distance to create a completely harmonious surround sound experience. At the same time, a precisely working equalizer compensates for any disruptive influences on the room acoustics. MCACC is fully compatible with all sound formats, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.
      It Sounds Better
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      Direct Energy HD Amplifiers
      Thanks to a meticulous overhaul of all its components and uncompromising performance optimization, the Direct Energy HD amplifiers now deliver an even fuller, more powerful sound with impressive output power on all channels, even during simultaneous operation.
      Easy to Setup and Complete Control
      The “Start-up Navi” app supports you when you are setting up your AV receiver. The integrated assistant creates all of the important settings for you, including the network settings. With the “iControlAV5” app you can subsequently control all of the important functions conveniently via your Smartphone or Tablet (iOS /Android).
      Key Features
      Bluetooth® Wi-Fi Dolby Atmos 7+1 x HDMI HDCP 2.2 Class D Amplification Built-in Wireless LAN Built-in Bluetooth MCACC Pro with full band phase control DSD, WAV/FLAC, Hi-res file playback DLNA 1.5 Windows 8.1 Certified Hi-bit 32 audio processing BDP Link Learning Mode Zone 2 preout AirPlay 4K 60Hz pass through

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      Item: Pioneer VSX-AX4ASi 7.1ch AV Receiver
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      Price: $550 $450
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      I am the original owner of this beast of an AV receiver (at over 16kg) which pumps out 7x140W RMS.  Has served me well over the years and was most recently used with my ProAcs.  Was the flagship of the Pioneer range in it's day and I picked this ahead of of the top-of-the-range Marantz which I compared it to.

      Among its many features it boasts:
      - 4 x HDMI inputs (with 1080p upscaling)
      - Pioneer's version of DSP:  Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) EQ
      - Multi-room/zone capability (with 2 remotes)
      - Can be run in either 7.1 mode or 5.1 with the front speakers bi-amped
      - 24bit/192khz DAC
      - USB audio-in / iPod (1st gen) connectivity
      Full specs:  https://www.superfi.co.uk/p-6497-discontinued-pioneer-vsxax4asi-home-cinema-receiver.aspx
      Minor issues:  
      - Negative binding post on the centre channel is loose and cannot be fully tightened (see photo).  This has not been an issue for me as the gauge of cables generally used is thick enough to securely stay in.
      - Volume-Up button on the main remote is a little hard - again this wasn't an issue as I mainly used the secondary remote.  

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