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Reach for the stars - My New HT Den

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Stressless chairs and a wall of Billy bookcases complete the look..

That small brown cabinet is a heirloom from my mum.. she had it since she was 16...  It's no Hans Wegner or anything, but it's mum's and now it's mine.. 

Gotta get some dollies for the speakers ;) 

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My current kit:


Sony ZD9 75"
(Sony TV review)
Denon AVC X8500H

Dynaudio Confidence 1 Platinum
Dynaudio C1 Platinum Review )

Sony UDP X800

(Sony UBP X800 Review )
Sony UDP X700

Dynaudio Confidence C1 and Centre Platinum front and centre

Usher 520 side surround back

Monitor Audio RXFX in dipole mode for rear surrounds

Anthony Gallo A'Diva for ceiling Atmos placement

QED XT Revelations for front and centre speakers

QED Micro speaker cable for the surrounds

Monoprice Premium Cables from 4k players to amp and onwards to the TV

Audioquest Snake subwoofer cable 

Blue Jean subwoofer cable

Wireworld Oasis 6 & 7 Interconnects

Wireworld Oasis 6 power cables

Assorted Xindak, PS Audio and other power cables

MK wall power sockets

PS Audio Juice Bar

Rhodium Right Angle Plug adapters for USA power cables

Auralex subdude platform and Mopads under centre speaker

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Added a Artnovion Sub trap to solve that pesky 43Hz peak.. 



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