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Hi folks, 


My Stan smart TV app - on a Sony, android TV - appears to have upgraded. This is not all bad (they fixed a couple of extremely annoying interface issues), but it's no longer pumping out a 5.1 soundtrack - I'm only getting stereo. 


Netflix is still happily playing surround sound, so it definitely appears to be specific to Stan. 


I've done some googling and really can't find any info about the upgrade - no one seems to be talking about it, not even Stan themselves! 


Has anyone heard of this? Or having the same problem? 




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I'm new to Stan and can't get 5.1 to work on my Chromecast Ultra, only stereo. Netflix on the CCU outputs DD+ 5.1. The support pages on Stan's site says it should output 5.1 if that stream supports it.


I don't know if thats related, but I'm sure we both would like to get 5.1 working!


BTW have you uninstalled the App and reinstalled it? Can't do that on a CCU as there is not UI to do so.



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