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FS: Trade In Martin Logan Theos ESL Speakers Zebrano

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Item: Trade-In Martin Logan Theos Hybrid ESL Speakers in Zebrano

Location: Tivoli Hi-Fi 155 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123

Price: $4299 Special SNA Forum Discount $3800 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Item Condition: Trade-In stock in Excellent Condition. No Original packaging. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Cash - Pickup in store, Credit Card including AMEX with no fees or penalties.

Extra Info:

Fully inspected and tested prior to sale.


Originally Sold by Tivoli Hi-Fi.

This pair of Martin Logan Theos presents in almost as new condition.

Unflinchingly Accurate XStat Electrostatic Technology—The Most Affordable Hand-Built Electrostatic Speaker With Real Wood Finishes And Custom Bi-Wire Capable Binding Posts.

Theos is MartinLogan’s most affordable Reserve Series speaker. Descended from the renowned CLX™ loudspeaker, Theos features advanced XStat™ electrostatic technology and a proprietary Vojtko™ crossover topology delivering the highest sonic standards of efficiency and precision. A passive 8-inch high excursion woofer and ultra low turbulance down-firing bass port generate unyielding, detailed bass down to 43Hz. Custom coupling spikes and toolless bi-wire binding posts provide the final touch—providing the ultimate level of flexibility for connection and setup.


Frequency Response 43–23,000 Hz ± 3dB

Sensitivity90 dB/2.83 volts/meterImpedance

4 Ohms, 0.8 @ 20 kHz. Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers.

Crossover Frequency 425 Hz

High/Mid Frequency Driver 44” x 9.2” (111.8 x 23.4 cm)

CLS XStat electrostatic (405 in2/2,616 cm2)

Low Frequency Driver 8” (20.3 cm) aluminum cone

Recommended Amplifier Power 20–400 watts per channel

Weight 43 lbs. (19.5 kg) per channel

Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.3” x 10.7” x 18.8” (150.7 x 27.3 x 47.8 cm)


All Trade in items come with a 3 month warranty


For prompt after hours response contact Tivoli Hi-Fi Staff member @jimsan







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    • By Blackwood Sound
      Item: Martin Logan Motion 35 XT Speakers
      Location:Marion SA
      Price: $1490
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: Ex Showroom Display Model
      Payment Method: Cash, Card, EFT, PayPal, Interest Free
      Extra Info: Unbelievable sound & gorgeous looks
      Cherry wood Lacquer finish
      16.5 cm Driver
      Folded Ribbon Tweeter
      50-25,000 Hz
      4 ohms but suitable for 4, 6 or 8 ohm rated amps
      RRP is $2200
      Can ship interstate

    • By Rori
      Item: Martin Logan Balanced Force 212 Subwoofer with Martin Logan PBK kit
      Location: Melbourne (Dandy ranges)
      Price: $4.2k ---> $3.8k (RRP $8k not including PBK kit)
      Item Condition: Excellent 9/10
      Reason for selling: Not using and taking up space
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: 2 years old, purchased from Big Picture People Narre Warren.
      Plenty of reviews online about this subwoofer. It has 2 x 12" drivers opposing each other to cancel out vibrations. The outcome is clear, low distortion and clean bass.
      The customization for best in room response from the amp is second to none with low pass filtering, phase alignment, gain and when measuring with the PBK kit can give close to perfectly flat frequency response.
      This sub looks amazing especially in piano gloss black. Can ship however it does weigh 65kg's... I have all boxes and accessories for it.
      See specs and pics below.
      BalancedForce 212
      System Frequency Response 18–120 Hz ±3dB; Anechoic through LFE effects input 20–120 Hz ±3dB; 
      Low Pass Filter Frequencies 30 - 80Hz 
      Phase 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° 0°
      25Hz Level Control ±10dB at 25Hz ±10dB at 25Hz
      Power Control On, Auto (12V Trigger), Off On, Auto (12V Trigger), Off
      Room Correction Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) Ready (Sold Separately)
      Woofers Two 12" (30.5cm) cast-basket, highexcursion, aluminum cone with extended throw driver assembly, sealed non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format 
      Amplifiers 2 x 850 watts
      (3,400 watts peak system total) 850 watts
      (1,700 watts peak)
      Inputs RCA: Left, Right and LFE.
      XLR: Left, Right and LFE.
      Speaker Level: Left and Right banana jacks.
      12V Trigger: 3.5mm
      Mini USB (for PBK)
      USB (for crossover & firmware updates) RCA: Left, Right and LFE.
      XLR: Left, Right and LFE.
      Speaker Level: Left and Right banana jacks.
      12V Trigger: 3.5mm
      Mini USB (for PBK)
      USB (for crossover & firmware updates)
      Output (RCA) Multi Out (for multi-sub connection) Multi Out (for multi-sub connection)
      Input Impedance RCA: 10,000 Ohms
      XLR: 15,000 Ohms per phase
      Speaker Level: 10,000 Ohms per phase (20,000 Ohms red to black)
      Power Draw Typical: 250 Watts
      Idle: 30 Watts Typical: 125 Watts
      Idle: 15 Watts
      Weight 140lbs. (63.5kg) each 96lbs. (43.5kg) each

      Overall Dimensions
      HxWxD  ( 57.4cm x 57.4cm x 58.2cm)

    • By robin-hobart
      Item:  ReList: Martin Logan Summit-X Near New
      Location: Hobart
      Price: $9500
      Item Condition: Very Near Mint
      Reason for selling: 
      Several :-
      1. Have largely lost interest in hifi - resulting in a ground-up rationalisation & stripping back of a hobby that has gotten a tad out of control, resulting in too much stuff.  Time to 'rationalise'.
      2. As dipoles, these need to be out in the room somewhat, and in my particular situation, this is leaving me a bit cramped for space.
      3. The little bit of listening that I do still bother with is pretty much just sorta background stuff at very low volumes - not critical listening as such.  The MLs really need a bit of wick to get them moving and give their best.  IE, they are pretty much wasted on me these days. 

      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: 
      Relist & Price Reduction:    Will consider gear swap with price adjustment if appropriate:
      Purchased brand new - delivered June 29th 2017. High-gloss piano black finish. Other than perhaps a bit of dust, there are no cosmetic imperfections (eg vacuum cleaner knocks, etc) as far as I am aware. They can be accurately described as Very Near Mint.
      Serial Numbers ABX8053795G12 / 796G12
      Plenty of Info, specs and reviews available online.
      I will still maintain a system - hence will consider a swap or part-swap for speakers that are passive and more compact.
      Can demo for locals.
      Please email any queries.
      Note A: The warranty unfortunately is not transferrable. Whilst I would be amazed if these gave any trouble whatsoever, you are on your own if problems do arise.
      Note B: For interstate shipping, these will be re-packed into their original boxes, plastic-wrapped and pallet-mounted as they were delivered to me (see pic). They come with all original docs, spikes, covers, etc.

    • By o2so
      Item: [For Sale] Sanders Magtech Stereo Power Amplifier (black) - under warranty
      Location: Inner Sydney
      Price: $4,250 + posting
      Item Condition: 10/10
      Reason for selling: downsizing
      Payment Method: Cash on pickup or PayPal (+3%) if shipped- have all original packaging and double boxes
      Extra Info:
      This very well known amplifier does not need much introduction.
      This particular unit was purchased from Bill Mclean (Sander's distributor in Oz) about three months ago and paid $4,500. It was purchased second-hand, but the first and only owner of this before me was in fact Bill Mclean himself. This used to be his personal power amplifier. The amp has still 2 weeks of warranty on it which can be extended for another year for additional $250 (Bill has confirmed that this would be transferrable to the new owner).
      A bit of a story on how I got Bill's personal amplifier. I initially purchased another second-hand Sanders Magtech that Bill had for sale. This was one of the first versions of the amp and we found out it had an issue with overheating (these amps run fairly cold usually). So I called Bill and explained the problem. He said it was "not right" and that he would have replaced that amp with another one. Because he did not have another one for sale at the time, Bill suggested to replace my amp with his own , which was much newer and in perfect condition. To which of course I said yes. The same week the Sydney Hi-fi Show happened to be on, so Bill brought his Sanders down to Sydney and I went pick it up at the Hi-Fi show. I can prove this with my email exchange with Bill, or you can just give him a call.
      So, in a nut shell, this amplifier is pristine and has still some of the warranty that Bill gave me when I bought it, which as I said can be extended and transferred to new owner.
      This is a end game amplifier, with a unique power supply that is said to be almost 100% efficient and whilst being a 900W (4ohm) class AB, it runs basically cold because there is no waste of energy.
      The sound is super transparent, very dynamic and punchy, and very quiet at idle. 
      It goes without saying that this will drive absolutely any speakers ever produced. I used it with Magnepans 1.7 but can drive large electrostatic as well as low impedance dynamic speakers with ease.
      The specs are:
      Power (Stereo Version)
      500 watts RMS per channel into an 8 ohm load
      900 watts RMS per channel into a  4 ohm load
      DC through 100kHz
      Class of Operation
      Class AB
      Input Impedance 
      100K unbalanced, 1K balanced
      Input voltage required for full output
      2.2 Volts
      More than 110dB below rated output
      Less than 0.01%
      Damping Factor
      Greater than 600 into an 8 ohm load
      Voltage is user selectable for use world-wide.
      All details here:
      It was on Eli but this is now for sale.

      see below
    • By SAVI Systems
      Item: Martin Logan Theos Premium Electrostatic Hybrid Speakers
      Location: SAVI Systems Showroom, 1168 Albany Hwy, Bentley, W.A.
      Price: $3999  $6999
      Item Condition: Ex-Showroom Demo - Full Manufacturer's Warranty - Excellent Condition - No Boxes - BLACK ASH Colour
      Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Cash, PayPal, Pickup in store, Visa, Mastercard with no fees or penalties
      Extra Info: 
      Martin Logan is proud to introduce the Theos speakers as the most affordable hand-built electrostatic speakers with real wood finishes and custom bi-wire capable binding posts in their range.
      Descended from Martin Logan's critically acclaimed flagship CLX™ loudspeaker, the Theos features advanced XStat™ electrostatic technology and a proprietary Vojtko™ crossover topology delivering the highest sonic standards of efficiency and precision and a great big room filling midrange.
      A passive 8-inch high excursion woofer and ultra low turbulence down-firing bass port generate unyielding, detailed bass down to 43Hz.
      Custom coupling spikes and tool-less bi-wire binding posts provide the final touch—providing the ultimate level of flexibility for connection and setup.

      XStat™ Transducer
      Sharing with its PoweredForce™ counterpart Ethos, a unique XStat™ transducer was developed to exclusively address specific mechanical requirements.
      Vertically identical in size and dispersion to the flagship Summit™ X, Theos' thinner 9.2-inch (23cm) horizontal panel dimension required a tighter curve to achieve MartinLogan's distinct 30-degree dispersion pattern. To accomplish this MartinLogan engineers reduced the gauge thickness of the steel stators. The reduced gauge does not alter performance characteristics of Theos' electrostatic panel. However, as a natural byproduct of tighter build tolerances, visual transparency of the panel is increased significantly. Theos' new XStat panel is so visually transparent that it nearly vanishes when you're sitting and listening.
      Whilst there is no box for these - the lucky buyer will still get full Australian Distributor's Warranty on these ex-showroom demo Martin Logans.


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