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Burson Audio Conductor V2+ USB compatibility with Linux (Ubuntu)

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Hey peeps,


The official sources don't mention one way or the other whether Burson Audio's Conductor V2+ supports Linux (I'm running Ubuntu) as a source on the USB interface.


Just wondering if anyone out there has these components in their setup and can chime in with any first hand experience.





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Posted (edited)

Thanks @Muon N'.


I actually managed to get it confirmed by a forum member - the current version of Ubuntu (tested with 18.04 LTS) does support the XMOS USB module straight out of the box.


For completeness, here is a link to their post: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new-burson-conductor-v2-and-v2.798772/page-80#post-14896502

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:thumb: That might help Burson too, if they look at this thread.

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