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    • By Leatherman
      Item: Mid century Genuine Danish Rosewood cabinet item 1 can be used as hifi rack
      Location:Melbourne, Balaclava
      Price: negotiable
      Item Condition:Excellent vintage condition
      Reason for selling:Moving house
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash
      Extra Info:I am selling 3 of my beloved danish pieces. They are genuine mid century pieces originally purchased from Great Dane in Melbourne. 
      This is item 1. It is an absolutetly stunning cabinet in blonde Brazilian rosewood. It is a genuine mid century piece. I have personally owned this for 14years and will be very sad to see it moved on. I recently had it independently valued by Leonard Joel at $1500-2000 but I am open to offers as I would like to move it on to a new custodian.
       It is beautiful on the inside with dark rosewood veneers internally with leather shelf linings and even a rosewood tray built in. It has another less sectioned side that I have previously used this and the other cabinet as a hifi cabinet . The right side is perfect hifi cabinet and has the added benefit of vents at the the top and the back panel can be unscrewed to accomodate cabling. To buy a piece of furniture like this from Great Dane would cost many thousands of dollars.  It is a real statement piece and very solidly built, unique. 
      The dimensions are as follows H80cm D54cm W112cm
      When sold I will make a donation to stereo net.

    • By davids458
      Item: Yamamoto HA-02 headphone amp
      Location: Adelaide
      Price: $800
      Item Condition: good used
      Reason for selling: no longer used
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Lovely valve headphone amplifier, good used condition. Small mark on front left  hand top.
      Lots of information and reviews online. Happy to ship at buyers expense

    • By kylevuong19
      Item: Harbeth SHL5+ Speakers in Eucalyptus + 2 stands
      Location: Melbourne - Western Suburbs
      Price: $4950 for speakers and metal stands + optional $300 for wooden stands
      Item Condition: 9.5/10
      Reason for selling: moving to smaller place
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only
      Extra Info: 
      Up for grab is a pair of Harbeth SHL5+ in eucalyptus, they are excellent speakers in this price range, top condition just like brand new. I love the eucalyptus colour as they blend in to the furniture and give me nordic, minimal style that is a big WAF for me.
      I have all the documents and original boxes but due to the heavy weight I will prefer a local sale/pick up.
      I've been using them with Prima Luna amps, Audia Flight, Pass Labs, Leben and they all deliver top notch quality as Harbeth speakers are very easy to drive.
      Will donate to SNA once item is sold.








    • By lwd
      Item: Audeze LCD2
      Location: Adelaide
      Price: $850
      Item Condition: As New
      Reason for selling: Too many headphones
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: For sale are my Audeze LCD2 headphones. Shedua wood finish, full leather, Fazor version. Sale includes all original packaging including the industrial strength case. Also included is a 4 metre silver plated cable I bought off ebay for about $250 (original cable also included). I am the first owner, purchased from VAF Research a couple of years ago. These haven't seen much use and have been kept under a dust cover. They really are as good as new. They are also the most beautiful headphones to look at I have ever owned. I will miss them but I don't use them enough to justify keeping them. Currently listed at $1399 at A2A and elsewhere.

    • By shogo33
      Item:  Aurealis Audio MC SUT - Cinemag 3440AH Transformers
      Location: Melbourne
      Price: 350+ postage auswide
      Item Condition: as New (bought in Apr 19)
      Reason for selling:  Second system for the study will not go ahead. 
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:  This MC SuT was built recently by Geoff from Aurealis Audio as a step up transformer to my Tisbury Domino, which had a 100ohm load for MC carts, as such not a great fit for my Lyra Delos. 
      As the second system will not go ahead now, the Domino and Tisbury preamp have been sold recently and this is no longer required. 
      Upon discussion with Geoff, he recommended that the transformers be kept in the enclosure to minimise hum pickup and this is true as i sat this next to a 2 channel amp that housed a massive torodial transformer.
      I also opted for one with less "bling" as he ran out of the engraved plates which are shown on his website. 
      Otherwise, it has the same build specifications, listed below:
      Cinemag 3440AH - these are the Blue Labels with superior laminations.  SUT configured for switching between  9x (loads at 560 Ohms) and  18x gain (loads at 140 Ohms). Can be configured for 36x gain (loads around 50 Ohms). Gold-plated CMC RCAs Easy to use ground terminal Ground and lift switch to aid in eliminating hum issues PDF user guide provided (at the bottom of the pictures)

      SUT-CM (3440AH) user guide.pdf
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