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Changing My Room Acoustics

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A bit of an update everyone, I have combined a bit of the advice from a few of you and have got positive results!

Firstly, I have moved the left speaker to the right so my speakers are not set up symmetrical to the room.

The second thing I have done is increase toe in to get the cross point straight out from the tweeters to cross in front of me.

The last thing is I have got the speaker to point down quite substantially by using an extremely thick spike shoe on the back with Bunnings anti vibration squares under that and really thin spike shoes on the front.

There is now an acceptable amount of bass at my listening position, but there is still more bass when I stand up haha.

Not sure if the treble is more emphasised with the toe in or I have lost a bit of midrange but the sound is also a bit harsher or less warm.

Will keep tweaking and see how it goes!

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On 07/04/2019 at 11:10 AM, reflux075 said:

Hi peeps,


I have recently changed speakers and after a few months of moving them around to try and get the best placement I have discovered something quite frustrating.

The bass gets cut off ONLY at my listening position. The moment I stand up from the couch, the bass is all there, sit back down and the bass is gone.

I have tried moving the speakers right back against the wall, I have tried moving the speakers reeeeally forward, and it does not help.

I know my setup is not ideal but I don't really have to much chance of rearranging the room, peace with SWMBO is much better than bass.

I'm thinking I need some sort of room treatment?

I have never done any of this before and would appreciate some suggestions as I do not know my bass traps from my reflectors.

Some pics of my listening area below.






Take the spikes off the speakers.

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Not sure if the treble is more emphasised with the toe in or I have lost a bit of midrange but the sound is also a bit harsher or less warm.

Will keep tweaking and see how it goes!


That sure is possible. Towing in means that you are aiming the center of the speaker towards the listener. The center of the tweeter usually is more efficient by a few dB than the off axis. That is also true for the midrange driver but the effect is less than with a tweeter.


You can't do much about the bass being stronger when standing up, except raising your seat up, or use bass trapping on the ceiling. Try your luck with the height of your seating positions, as sometimes small increments do make a difference.



It is also possible that by moving and towing in your speakers that a first reflection point moved from a position where it previously was getting diffused by a cabinet/book case or absorberd by a curtain.


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18 hours ago, audiohifiaudio said:

Take the spikes off the speakers.

Will try that, it's a bit of a PITA with my speakers, they're 80kg each.

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1 hour ago, reflux075 said:

Will try that, it's a bit of a PITA with my speakers, they're 80kg each.

You can go to Clarke rubber and buy rubber black mats. This will also help plus not damage your floor boards.

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Thanks for the tip, was a bit worried about that.

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