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Advice Please - 2 way to 3 way Passive Crossover Conversion

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I intend on converting my mtm 2 way bookshelf speakers to 3 way wtmw bookshelves, keeping the Morel tiw 634ft drivers ( 4ohm in series = 8 ohms) but using them as woofers and replacing the Morel ST728 tweeters with Morels new tm 4055-8 tweeter/midrange combo in a 150mm plate.

I currently use a Kasun JX-22c 2650hz 2 way bi-wire crossover and am very happy with the sound.


As i have reasonably little understanding in the crossover domain my question to the techy's is this:

Is it possible to connect a dedicated low frequency crossover Kasun JX01c 680hz to my 2 way Kasun JX22c 2650hz crossover? And if so, how would i connect the 2 crossovers together?

Also if connecting the 2 crossovers will the midrange only play from 680hz?

Schematics for each are below.

Thank you in advance for any advice provided.



Kasun JX22c Schematics.jpg

Kasun JX01c Dedicated Bass 680hz.jpg

Kasun JX22c frequency response.jpg

Kasun JX01c frequency Response.jpg

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Try without connecting crossovers. In other words, let you mid-range extend into low bass and measure the response. It really depends on the boxes and driver loading. If you are using the same enclosure for your 2-way; keep the same crossover. Then add a bass driver with its own low-pass cross (and enclosure) and see how it contributes to the overall response as measured in your room.  It is easy to cut bass later on from either of the drivers - not so easy to add more if you need it. 

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I don't have measuring tools hence the reason I am using plug and play crossovers.

Yes I am using the exact same enclosure, the baffles are interchangeable which allows me to experiment with a 3 way .

I will be using the current 2 way crossover if possible and adding a dedicated bass crossover.

This is the question I am asking forum members - will adding a bass crossover to my 2 way crossover work, and if so, how would I connect the 2 crossovers together.

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