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World band radios FM and DAB

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I believe there are no companies whether Tecsun or Digitech or Samsung make a SW with SSB  Air Band, FM, AM(MW), LW, DAB !

Recently restarted and old project to get some good FM reception and some 'AKA utility" Short Wave reception.

So i bought a cheap Digitech pocket  portable AM/FM/SW at the cheap end, and found no tuning dial just four buttons for scan and volume.

Did well on both Short Wave and FM with a personal antenna i make for long range reception on FM , i tuck the end of the coaxial core into the portables' telescopic base at its joint.

However there are always community radio stations that are difficult to reach. One particular is 100.3 FM 2MCR in Sydney a 200 watt station with its transmitter on a mount of 333 meters elevation near the village of Razorback, a distance of some 50 kilometers into the city where i listen.

The small pocket sets can only quite generate its signal to being heard over the background static hiss at best.

Of chance i bought a FM/DAB mono 'larger portable" (a sort of shelf radio brick shaped) and tuned in and it almost had the signal usable with the antenna attached to the portable telescopic by coax.

As that is, the antenna was a success so i thought this may well be decoded much better in large radios as is generally more a point of the refinement from more stages that size allows by space. note (external antenna is able to almost properly pick up but remains with a hiss)


Quite true, i obtained an AR 1946 DIGITECH LW/MW/FM/SW 1.7-29.9/DAB and the result was with the external antenna 1/8th wave i was able to simply listen to 2MCR (listed as Campbelltown Macarthur but further out).

Another station, 2GGO Gosford NSW is 60Km away, it has the same problem on small sets , it can only be listened to that way with static hiss but found the large set and the mono/FM/DAB can receive it (107.7 2GGO). 2GGO is 10Kw omni-directional.


NB:  The portables' set antennas are quite good but cannot quite match the external antenna whether at the same level above ground.

Neither for short wave, there is pick up with the external antenna and various stations day or night ca be listened in SW but not on the telescopic sets antenna.


Anyone know of a high quality that has the whole list of bands?


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