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Waveguide/horn & Compression Driver Suggestions Wanted

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10 hours ago, Masis Ingilizian said:

Regarding protection of the tweeters, so obviously the lower its cut off the more likely it is to be damaged. I am using a 20UF cap what else do I have to do? Just not play it to loud. I will be using a active crossover 24db so wouldn't that protect it somewhat as well?

Yes.    As long as you don't put significant energy into the tweeter below the resonance frequency of the horn+tweeter (so, about 1000hz), then it will be fine.


Both the capacitor (assuming it it the right size) and the active crossover, will stop that from happening.

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10 hours ago, Masis Ingilizian said:

I am aware of measuring off axis gives you the frequency curve compared to on axis to see at what degrees you've lost a decent response(although still in the learning stage) so thanks for explanation.

To be honest all I'm doing here is following in the footsteps (parroting) the greats in this field.


If you'd like to truly understand the significance of the polar plot then you'll find the attached white paper by Dr Geddes foundational. 


I think of a single, on-axis measurement (plot) a little like trying to drive your car with the windscreen painted out entirely in black. The only part you can see through being a small pin prick hole,  directly ahead. Looking through a windscreen like that doesn't tell you much about what is happening around you.


A polar plot gives you a 180 degree view from your windscreen, preferably in both the horizontal and vertical - once you understand how to interpret the polar (google spin-o-rama for the JBL reference measurement approach for this)  🍻....

Geddes directivity whitepaper.pdf



JBL spin-o-rama specification...



JBL Spinorama reference.png

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10 hours ago, Masis Ingilizian said:

But we are just using REW right? And the spectograms on it?

I use Omnimic and REW. You can download both for free.


Omnimic is designed to be used with its companion Omnimic microphone. However this doesn't stop you from using the Omnimic software to load your curves measured using REW (for example) and generating the charts it produces. 


As far as I'm aware, REW doesn't have the capability to assemble a polar plot which is a minimum necessary requirement to understand the true success of any build you've completed.


If you have a look at my Klipsch KG 5.5 update and 2.5 way conversion thread you can see there how I used the polar measurements of my modifications to validate my work and incrementally refine the result. 🍻

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