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Guest Proshchay

Adventures in Cassette Recording

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Guest Proshchay

Hi folks, I thought i'd share this interesting write up on some of the best cassette decks ever made, by a self-confessed cassette and R2R nutter!




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    • By AmazingMonkey
      Item: NAD M51 DAC
      Location: Melbourne
      Price: $800
      Item Condition: Very good
      Reason for selling: Purchased LS50 Wireless
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      Extra Info:
      I’m selling my NAD M51 DAC and all my other gear as I’ve purchased a set of LS50 Wireless. 
      I bought this a couple of years ago from another member, it’s in great condition and comes with original remote. It has been fed from my home build Raspberry PI based Squeezebox Touch as a source.  
      Local pickup only, from Eltham (Melbourne)

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By Hytram
      this is kinda a 2ch problem with 5.1 gear, never mix the 2 they say....

      After having 5+ sets of speaker, 5+ Amps , lots of subs, cables and sources, REW and an UMIK-1 in my living room over the last 18 months one thing is clear, My room sucks.
      I have massive hump between 1 to 5Khz that just makes 2Ch listening unbearable, Yamaha YPAO does settle it down but sucks all the life out of the music. The room needs lots of treatment, that's not going to happen, maybe a little but not to the extent that it needs.

      I have been playing around DSP/EQ with JRiver on a PC using REW with aUMIK-1 over the last week via a Music Fidelity M5si amp and actually got a reasonable result,  it can be better, and has proved to me that DSP room correction does work.

      the equipment chain is as follows,
      Sources, HTPC, BluRay, CD, HDD Music, Spotify/Tidal (on the Yamaha) into a Yamaha RV-X 1081 used as Preamp only, > Emotiva XPA-5 > either Ambience Superslims 1400 or Quad S5 for the mains, 2 x REL R3 Subs running from the Yamaha in mono via a DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 Cinema and stereo line-level in from the Mains (Ambience don't need the subs). Centre is an old Quadal that I still love, the rears are Mirage Omi 350.

      for those that aren't Familiar with the REL subs, they have a .1 RCA input with volume only that you run from the AVR and a Line-Level input with Volume and Freq that you run from the speakers, you can run them both at once and tune them in. Best of both worlds

      the Quad S5 with the REL T3 running in stereo via line-level in are my pick ATM, that combo just suits rock a little more
      the Ambiences are very picky with the room, so I need to run them both via Dirac to see which ones I keep. Jury is still out on that one, but one set has to go.

      the MF M5si is now gone, fantastic amp but it didn't fix the hump (silly of me thinking it might) and had to go to finance the next step 

      I am not massively into movies much these days, but still enjoy Concerts on Bluray and multi-channel music a bit, the 5.1 system gets used more for Netflix and Tv more than anything and I'm really heavily getting back in to 2Ch, hence the change.
      music is mainly Prog rock to Jazz, I don't consider myself a Audiophile, but what to get the best out of my gear.

      Budget, about $2.5k tops.

      scenario #1
      Nad C658 between the Yamaha RV-X 1081 and the XPA-5 on the main chs only, the analogue in on the C658 can be set up as a HT Bypass, so the 5.1 will be basically untouched but 2 ch Spotify/Tidal and HHD music will all be running via the C658. Dirac will be limited to the mains speakers and line level in of the subs only.
      but this is probably the best 2ch solution. 
      cost ~$2300 to $2500 with Dirac full

      scenario #2
      Nad T758 v3
      get rid of the Yamaha RV-X 1081 and replace with the T758 as a pre amp only (maybe use the amp stage for Atmos, but Atmos is not really on the radar ATM)
      this will give me a better 5.1 system, allow me to get rid RV-X 1081 and the DSPeaker Anti-Mode.
      Hearing rather good reports on the T758 with Dirac as a music pre, but it can't be as good as the C658 you would think (or could it?)  but their feature set is basically the same on both with Bluesound built in for all streaming/HDD duties.
      because will sell the RV-X 1081 and the DSPeaker Anti-Mode this could be less that $1500 with full Dirac
      scenario #3
      Emotiva XMC-1
      Emotiva are selling refurb XMC-1 pre's with 4k video and full Dirac for $1100USD, I can go via a friend in the states if they don't deliver to Aust (no Aust distributor listed on their website no more), problem they are out of stock, they were not yesterday, they are today....bummer
      replace the Yamaha with the XMC-1 and have a killer 5.1 and 2 ch system but will have to buy something like a Bluesound Node 2i to do the Streaming duties as the XMC-1 does not do that.
      selling the Yamaha and DSPeaker Anti-mode might pay for the Bluesound Node 2i, so with delivery it will still cost around $2k

      both the Nads are thin on the ground ATM, cant find a C658 to demo but have found a hi-fi store that has the T758 and a C388, they are willing to set both up as 2ch preamps via separate Power amps to see if the T758 holds up as a 2ch pre.

      I really like how Spotify runs via the Yamaha, for backgroud music. I can use the Spotify app on my phone and its turns on the Yamaha automatically and plays, this is a big plus to the wife as she hates having to touch any of the remotes or gear, so in a way I want to T758 to sound great because it should operate similar. I really have to make it simple.
      the XMC-1 will require turning things on manually via remote methinks.... but there is a Sonus One lying around somewhere if it gets too hard 😉

      so, any other options or directions?

      which would be your choice?
    • By NADbooffa
      Hi all,
      Been using my current HT setup for more than 12 years now. Was thinking about updating the AV receiver ( NAD T 762) with a later NAD or Anthem AV Receiver.
      But then after talking to a few people I thought about keeping the existing and adding a stereo amp to complement the system as I listen to music most of the time - (60/40 music/movies)
      My HT system:
      NAD T 762 
      3 x B&W DM 602 S3  (Fronts/Mid), 
      2 x B&W DM600 S3 (Rear) 
      Sub ASW300
      What are your thoughts about a stereo amp (with HT by-pass ?) if my max budget is around A$3500
      Any suggestions for stereo amps?
      Thanks you all.
    • By Max Headroom
      Item: NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amplifier including OPTIONAL DAC and Phono stage - Does not include C 275BEE power amp in pic, see separately listed sale
      Location: Williamstown VIC 3016
      Price: $999 Now $900
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: I'm so impressed that I'm looking to move up to the NAD Master Series
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Update no other c375 sold on StereoNet has had the phono card and dac card installed - you’re getting a whole digital/phono integrated solution in one. Great value for this level of sound quality, power and convenience!
      What can I say to express how good this amp is? Probably that I am so impressed I am looking at buying into the NAD Master Series once I sell this amp. Just to give you an idea of how good these amps are and how impressed I am, my other amps are Audio Research. 
      This integrated has lots of trickle down technology from the NAD Masters Series M3 Amplifier. These include application of Bjørn Erik Edvardsen’s Distortion Canceling Circuit in the output stage and BEE Clamp in the power supply, with distortion and noise reduced down to unprecedented levels. Distortion and frequency response figures are very impressive – midband distortion staying in the region of 0.001 per cent even at 200 watts output. That's not a trivial thing to achieve!
      I need to have Solid State amps to use when
      a: I feel like a change
      b: I'm listening but I'm working or being distracted and I don't want my valve amps going for nothing
      c : I need some serious power!
      Ignore what some of the reviews on here and around the net say, this amp is refined, powerful and musical. (Seriously, the What HiFi reviewer must've been smoking something). BUT to get quality out of this amplifier you need to get rid of the standard metal jumpers between the pre-power sections of this amp and use some decent interconnects. THEN you really get to hear this amp... I don't know why anyone or any reviewer would bother with the standard jumpers, they really downgrade the sound and hurt the reviews. This amp really responds to having high quality and revealing interconnects used with it, especially as the link between the pre-power sections. I used some silver/copper Aurealis cables as the jumper cables and the sound was superb (they're not expensive at all). Putting better cables in place of them only improves things.
      Inside this amp its full of high quality components and also a couple of completely enclosed 'class A gain modules', which are evidently NAD's answer to the ubiquitous op-amp.
      And this amp has power to spare, and can drive loads down to 2ohms without breaking a sweat. The official figures are: 250W, 410W, 600W IHF Dynamic power into 8, 4 and 2 Ohms, respectively. But in the real world the 8ohm power is closer to 200 watts according to various reviews online.
      From Stereophile:
      "The 150Wpc C 375BEE offers five line-level outputs, two sets of preamp outputs, a front-panel minijack for portable music players, a built-in headphone amp, and an optional phono stage. Like models in NAD’s Masters Series, the C 375BEE uses PowerDrive technology to maximize the dynamic power sent to the speakers. ...the C 375BEE’s overall sound was tight, dynamic, and fast, with crystalline highs and well-extended bass. “A competition crusher,” concluded Sam. Though he admits the NAD belongs in Class B, he’d choose it over many of the amplifiers in Class A. “So good, for so little money, that few are willing to believe it. Are you, JA?” he asks. (Vol.32 No.10)
      From TechRadar:
      "Faced with a powerhouse like this, there's a strong temptation to load up a noisy disc at the outset, wind the volume control up high and settle back for some good old aural abuse. We did exactly that, but were rather taken aback by the results. We've used high-powered NAD amps before and always found them enjoyable, if not always well controlled or revealing at high power. This one breaks that tradition, for it offers some of the best control we've heard at anything like the price.
      We weren't exactly using the world's easiest speakers, either. The Bowers and Wilkins 803S is a fairly tricky load and needs a firm hand to keep the bass precise, but the 375Bee proves more than ready for the challenge. even when delivering peaks close to the 200 watts threshold (which was louder then we were comfortable with) there was no sense of strain, nor of the shift of focus that often occurs when amps start to run out of puff – loud bass making the midrange and treble wilt, and vice-versa.
      As a result, we spent a lot of time revelling in the classy combination of power and control which the amplifier offers.
      As we've mentioned before in these pages, classical music tends to have wider dynamics than most other styles and hence benefits most from high power output, and indeed we found ready use for the power in uncompressed symphony orchestra recordings. Bass drum and timpani rarely sound so vivid!
      There is also a lot to admire and enjoy at more modest volumes. Another break with early high-power NAD amps is in the high degree of neutrality across the midrange. Previously, we've had some limitations about the degree of naturalness in voices, but on this occasion we find it very hard to pick fault in this area.
      This is accompanied by some excellent resolution of detail, making it very easy to separate the different lines within a multi-layered piece of music. As usual, stereo imaging follows where detail leads, and although we have heard just a shade more image depth (from amps costing considerably more than a grand, mind you) we have hardly heard better imaging stability.
      In a well-recorded oratorio recording, for instance, we found the placement of the voices absolutely consistent irrespective of the accompaniment behind them. An excellent result.
      By this point, you're probably waiting for the big 'but'. Frankly, there isn't one."
      Not only does this amp sound refined, musical and powerful, it is just so adaptable and convenient.
      Full remote control, which even controls switching between speaker a and speaker b. 
      Minijack for portable music players and headphone socket on the front of the amp.
      TWO tape inputs/outputs.
      For when you can never have enough power: TWO pre outputs, one with a level control to allow exact matching with an external power amp, if you want to bi amp! (see my other ad for the matching NAD power amp!!!)
      The amp can be bridged if you really need 500 watts or so of output, in the company of a matching 275 power amp similarly connected!
      ALSO INCLUDED in the price is the PP375 phono module and the MDC DAC USB Digital Analogue Converter.
      Every other sale of this amp on StereoNET in the past generally is missing these optional extras, but you get them here, which just ups the convenience. You don't need extra cables, interconnects, power supplies etc - everything is built in so this amp can also be the musical hub of a really high quality setup. Just plug in your streamer or turntable, put some suitably revealing and high quality speakers on these amps, sit back and try wiping the grin off your face.
      Comes with the manual, box, remote, original crap jumpers, some reasonable cable jumpers (which I dont use as they dont do the amp justice).
      This amp will drive just about any speakers you can throw at it, and do so while playing music in a gloriously large fashion. If this amp isnt enough for you, add the matching C275BEE power amp for an incredibly powerful and musical combination... I'm sure I can do a special price for anyone who buys both!
      One final note - I suspect some early production run of this amp was not up to the usual NAD build standard and there were some reliability issues. I haven't had any problems at all, so I suspect my amplifier is from a later production run. I've played this amp at all volumes, left it on continuously (its better for the amp as you're not constantly surging power into the amp on startup and temperature remains stable), and basically enjoyed the hell out of it, and it hasn't skipped a beat, shut down, gone into soft clipping mode, or done anything but play music reliably. I've had book shelf speakers, different floorstanders on it and my Monitor Audio PL300ii speakers, single speaker cables, bi-wired etc, and never an issue.
      I prefer pickup - but can send by courier if you are really keen
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By robes
      Item: 2nd Vinyl Setup - Rega RP1 + NAD3020e amp + 2 x KEF 3005 speakers on stands 
      Location: Sydney, Ryde Area
      Price: $600 
      Item Condition: Good Condition, in working order, and as per pictures. NAD amp has one second hum when turning it on. RP1 case has split plastic as pictured. 
      Reason for selling: NLR - have a vinyl setup in the living room already, so this bedroom system is up for sale 
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal 
      Extra Info: Pickup only. Please note, the cart on the RP1 is not included in this sale.  
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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