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V.T.L. Deluxe 150 Watt per channel Mono Block Ampifiers

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Sorry, I would ,if I new how, however, I am a bit of a computer novice in the "linking up" department. I am sure you will find them, if you are interested, under V.T.L. in the Trade Me Home Audio section.

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Thanks Mr Mosfet...I am looking forward to collect them in the near future....

meanwhile my auction for the VTL Deluxe 150 mono block amps did not quite reach my price so I have relisted them with a lower reserve.

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My VTL Amps have been sold to a keen VTL user in Rotorua.

Now I am looking for a keen Magneplaner User, who would like to own a set of

near new,current model Maggie 1.6 QR speakers for $2750.00 (New price over $5000.00)

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frequentflyer;90333 wrote:
So come on spill the beans ssegrub, what have you replaced them with ?






A pair of 9 watt S.E.T. Frankenstien 300b Coincident amps.

When my Maggies 1.6 sell, I will be on the lookout for suitable high efficient speakers to go with these amps ...under consideration are Lowthers and Living Voice at this stage. I am keen on the Idea of horn speakers or similar so

if you have anything suitable coming up for sale, please PM me. cheers Paul.

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