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Logan;76149 wrote:
What is 2-hydroxypropanol? If you think it is the correct chemical name for the material that goes by the common name of isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol, you're wrong. Owen Y quoted one of the two alternative formally correct IUPAC names in an earlier posting to this thread.




Posted in the interests of keeping yet more technical ignorance off the web.


My mistake, 2-hydroxypropane, not the diol as my orignal post would refer to.


Such mistakes are easy to make in quick posts.


I sympathise with the drive to correct technical information, I see it every day in my industry.

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For the enlightenment of fellow forum members...




Kindly provide me your address


Dear Michael,




Your bravado, I’m putting down to the fact you think hiding behind a nick-name offers you protection & having sought opinion already, I would not be so presumptuous as to what a court would think.




I have explained I have no issue if you have a preferred alternative to my products, you can make your own-up for all I care.




Michael, you have described AM-Denmark range of Record Cleaning Products, amongst other things, in terms which are defined as: dangerous, risky, or unreliable.




You had the chance to substantiate these claims , or apologise, and have failed to do so.




You have also scared away at least one sale on this site, with potential to do similar – not just here in New Zealand but around the world.




I also have had feed-back from clients that my product has been reviewed by you, with less than favourable results.




Please kindly e.mail me your home address to gilberts (at) ix.net.nz so we can take it off this public forum.




Yours faithfully.






Bizarre Trading


P.O Box 31-161







I haven't described your products in any of the terms mentioned.


In fact I praised them for their stylish packaging and compared them to one of the DIY cleaning methods used by members of this forum.


The OP asked for an opinion on your cleaning kit, I (and others) obliged.


No claims were made, so there is nothing to substantiate.


Me scare away a sale ?

You seriously over-estimate me and underestimate the intelligence of members here, who are not sheep and are astute enough to seek out a variety of sources of information before making a purchase decision.


I have not received any of your product for review so your clients are mistaken.


This is a matter of interest to members of this forum so nothing should be hidden.




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michael w;76216 wrote:




Me scare away a sale ?



In fact in Post #9 you actually encourage sirandy to purchase from them.


Which is kind of you, doing research for other Forum Members that will actually profit he who thinks he is your enemy!


Perhaps you could also drop the mask of your nickname and admit that Michael is actually Michael?


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