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whats DIY really worth??

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I would estimate to cover costs he is starting at the bare minimum (and I mean bare). Surely they must have cost close to that to build?


Construction looks good, obviously you would want to audition them before buying but seems a fair price. Not a fan of the stands myself.

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The hours that a DIYer puts in are usually high & non-recoverable.

Esp, lspkrs & esp when design & R&D time is factored in.


Unfortunately, for spkrs esp. unless the lspkr is a published design, with some documented track record or a following..... :confused:


Such a creation is only worth what an keen auditioning punter is willing to shell out.... bearing in mind that future resale value would be again unpredictable.


I'm a DIYer & I hate saying all this...


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I think you'll find James has just started posting around here, certainly seems to be a well excecuted project. There would appear to be about 2k's worth of parts in there so he's obviously trying to recoup his cost's which IMO opinion is ambitious. The woofers are no longer in production although still available on ebay (you would want to consider a spare or two just incase).


To the right person worth an audition, although I must say the aesthetics are best politely described as polarizing.:D

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I have to get by with just the one 10" vifa.

seeing 4x certainly caught my eye (...drooling), always a problem with cabinet size with 10" pairs thou

now if only my construction skills were 25% of his..



Ahhhhh, another DIY site that I wont be able to keep away from(far too much time on the PC :-))

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