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I wonder if he knew what he was selling

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Hi Moby,

Thought I own valve gear, I'm still a complete novice as to what valves are collectible & what's not.:o

So out of curiously can you please enlighten me.

The values you pointed out what are they & are they particularly valuable/desirable?:)


With Thanks.

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Yes the big rounded plate looks like Bs.


However, the base lettering looks RCA, not Western Electric?



The one on the right looks like one of these...


Cheers, Owen

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Hi All

Is the Western Electric 300B the holy grail of tubes?:confused:

They seem to demand serious money.

Additionally they appear on some very prestigious amps, Wavelength, Audio Note, Lamm etc., so can I assume they are some of the best sounding/performing valves?



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The 300B power triode has attained legendary status for several reasons:


- It sounds great.


- It can produce more power than most triodes (aside from some h voltage triodes like 211, 845, 805...), around 8watts SEnded & 20watts PPull.


- Rarity value of the original 1930s Western Electric design... altho these days 300Bs are produced by WE, Chinese, Russian & Slovak factories.


Altho a number of other triodes sound as good (some better overall IMO, eg 2A3), the combination of good sound, reasonably high power & moderate operating voltages, has made the 300B a favourite.



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