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UPS for DVD Recorder

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Something I've been musing about for a while now (and brought to the fore now I've had a 20-min power cut!) -- what are your thoughts on a UPS for a DVD Recorder? Especially one with a HDD? (I know my Sony one reacts "not too well" to power cuts, having just spent the last 10 mins re-setting up some of the things it "forgets" when it loses power.:mad: )


I always advocate buying a UPS when people buy a computer, since power cuts can be somewhat damaging to HDDs etc (in fact, it should come as standard equipment, but I digress..) But since there's a HDD inside my DVD recorder, shouldn't I be protecting it too? :confused:



  • Does anyone here have a UPS they use with their home theatre gear? If so, what model do you recommend?
  • If so, what components do you protect with it?

Any thoughts/recommendations would be much appreciated :)

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Depends if you care about whats on the HDD IMO....


I dont use a UPS as id rather just invest in a belkin regulator/surge protector etc.


Data is all backed up anyway, and hdd's fail by themselves without power intevention on occasion so 'shrug'.

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