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Curious about these

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I've heard the Polk RTA15TL which is the non SDA version. It has 1 tweeter, 4 woofers, and 2 passive radiators. Obvisouly the number of drivers is much less and actual box is about 1/5 the size, and no SDA affect. The only real similarity is that the tweeter is the same as the ones in the 1.2TLs and the woofers are the same as the ones in the 1.2TL. The Polk RTA15TLs I heard was at Axent Audio in Auckland and they had a price of $2999 on it. They are a huge speaker (dwarf compared to the 1.2TLs, but still huge speakers). Sounded wonderful. Had a short listen to Nora Jones and I just loved the sound. Tested the same track on many other speakers including some on Kef reference series and I liked these the best. I have just been told that the RTA15TLs are still for sale at Axent Audio. May be an idea to get someone to go have a listen.


Having speakers that big though, I'd imagine you'd need a very big room. The RTA15TLs were able to fill up the Axent Audio showroom at very loud volumes, and that's a really big showroom.


Also found these when I did a search. found nothing in NZ, so did a search in Aus and found these post


Someone was selling the exact same speakers on the forum in Aus for $3000 (Australian)



This person bought it and looking for an amp for it.




Hope that helps.

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