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SOLD: SOLD : MEIER CORDA Concerto headphone amp

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Item: MEIER CORDA Concerto headphone amp
Location: Melbourne SE or Footscray
Price: $150 + postage
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: Surplus
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Used to drive my AKG Q701. I sold my headphones 2 years ago and it was in the cupboard. Good budget headphone amp.




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I'll grab it. PM sent. Needs to post, though...nice that you offer it! 😀

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    • By MJJW
      Price: $299 Item Condition: Excellent Condition - Used Shipping Options: Pickup is available,I can ship this item Suburb or Town: Sandgate State: Queensland Payment Method: Paypal, Pickup, EFT Reason for selling: Have purchased a new DAC/Headphone Amp Further information: 
      Purchased new sometime around ~2016 to use as a Headphone AMP/DAC
      Have used with Shure IEM's, have also used with Sennheiser HD650's and HD800S, it powers these two headphones with ease although you need to the Gain setting switch up a notch or two on the unit to power them. Works great with Iphone and applications like VOX and Onkyo HF Player for hires audio. It also works great with any of the other PC based platforms; Roon, Jriver to name two.
      Comes with the following:
      Mini-M8 DAC/AMP unit
      USB Cable
      Carrying Case (Felt)
      Power Supply (Brick) Doesnt come with the 3 prong power cable - I had used one I already had you can get them at bunnings (IEC Power Lead - EC C13 10A Power Cable) 
      Can post at buyers expense
      Freq. Response: 20 Hz...37kHz THD+N: 0.004% S/N Ratio: 83dB Output Power: 165mW each channel. Output Impedance, balanced and unbalanced: 1Ω Supported Headphones 16...300 Ohm External power supply: +9...20VDC, full internal regulation Supplied power supply: Worldwide voltage range. Powers Mini-M8, Charges Mini-M8 and the connected iPhone/iPad/iPod, all at the same time.  

      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By daro
      Item: Creek Audio OBH-21SE Special Edition Headphone Amplifier
      Location: Sydney, Lindfield NSW 2070
      Price: $275 (+$25 postage)
      Item Condition: Great condition, a couple of tiny nicks around the Creek logo
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal

      Extra Info:
      I have for sale my Creek OBH-21 SE headphone amp. This is the SE - special edition. 
      I bought it brand new about 10 years ago, and used lightly as I don't listen to headphones too often. The amp is in great condition. It has a couple of tiny nicks, the biggest one is on the Creek logo (see photos).
      It comes from a smoke, pet and kid-free home.
      The amp can drive two pairs of low to medium impedance headphones at the same time. I used various headphones over the years, including AKG K702, Sennheiser HD-650 and Hifiman HE-400i. All sounded great with it. I switched to Stax a couple of years ago, which came with its own amp, and the Creek hasn't been getting any use. So the sale.
      The amp comes with its original box and the OBH Uni power adapter. The adapter has swappable power plugs, but I only have the UK one.
      I'm happy to post to anywhere in Australia. Pickup and audition available in Lindfield NSW 2070.











    • By CAVL
      Location: Roma, QLD.
      Price: EL DAC $220 AUD, ATOM Sold, HIFIMAN HE-4XX Sold, DRAGONFLY RED Sold + Shipping.
      Item Condition: JDS EL DAC and ATOM bought on Jun 2019 with 2 years transferable warranty, they have been on my bedside table and are in very good condition, covered when not in use, HE-4XX bought on July from Drop.com has had very little use, I chose another headphones and put this ones in the box, Dragonfly red came in a bundle and box still sealed.
      Reason for selling: Downsizing.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer.
      Extra Info: Equipment will be sent on original boxes once the payment is done.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
    • By dles1972
      Item: FS: Elemental Watson Gen 2 Hybrid Tube Mosfet Headphone Amp
      Location: Kew East, Victoria 
      Price: $150
      Item Condition: mint (besides dust) 
      Reason for selling: no longer needed 
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: very nice sounding headphone amp. This replaced my Nuforce HDP headphone amp, it just walked all over it when I was A/Bing them which is no small feat if you take 6moon's opinion of the Nuforce's headphone amp being very good indeed. I have barely listened to headphones in a stationery set up in last few years so it's just not being used. Would be lucky to have put 30 hours on it. Purchased new from Jaben for $320 odd...... 
      Can ship...... 
      By trimming down on unnecessary luxuries and focusing on core performance, the Watson is able to operate in a dual mono configuration, with a military grade NOS 6AK5 tubes being the center piece of each channel™'s gain stage. Not only does this deliver rich harmonics typical of single ended class-A valve amps but also reduces warm up time of the valves significantly whilst extending the life of each valve to operate at their peak performance for more than 1000 hours per channel.
      Class A Valve/MOSFET hybrid tube desktop headphone amplifier Supports 30- 600 Ohm impedance headphones. Dual Mono Construction Delivers rich harmonics in single-ended topology. Western Electric Triodes Uses two Bell Lab/Western Electric 6AK5 valve tubes yields and produces excellent high-frequency performance. Smart Power Design Eliminates any 'Pop' sound when switching power on/off. Thus, no concern for pulse energy damage to your headphones. Compact and light-weight Easy handling size and small footprint. Portable.  
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

    • By alexb
      Item: Little Dot Mk II Headphone Amplifier
      Location: Adelaide
      Price: $SOLD
      Item Condition: Mint
      Reason for selling: Selling head-fi rig
      Payment Method: Pickup, EFT, Cash, Paypal (buyer pays all transaction fees & postage)
      Extra Info:
      Great condition and one of the best value headphone amplifiers available. Australian variant with 220v power supply. Upgraded Value Electronic CV4010 KQDD/K and 6H6 VIII tubes.
      The device has a single volume knob on the front along with a blue LED and of course, the 6.3mm port. At the back you can find the input and output RCA pots as well as the power button. The specifications of the amp are as follows:
      Input: Gold-Plated Unbalanced Phono (RCA) Jacks Output: 1/4" Gold-Plated Stereo Headphone out Driver Tubes: 6JI Power Tubes: 6N6 Frequency Response: 20HZ - 50KHz (-1dB) THD+N: 0.1% (50mW into 300 ohms) Suitable Headphone Impedance: 32 - 600 ohms Pre-Amplifier Output Impedance: 10K ohms Power Output: 300mW into 300 ohms 200mW into 120 ohms 100mW into 32 ohms Average Power Usage: 28 watts Dimensions: 210mm (length) by 110mm (width) by 130mm (height) Weight: 2.5 kg or 5.5 lbs.  
      The Little Dot MK II boasts a SEPP (single ended push pull) circuit (in similar vein to the rest of the MK-series tube amplifiers) greatly increases sound quality, dynamic range, output impedance, and harmonic distortion. The Little Dot MK II also provides gain control of 3, 5, and 10 via internal DIP switches for fine-tuning so you can maximize synergy with almost any headphone you have, whether it be 32 ohms or 600.
      Some cheap tube amps have what is called a hybrid design, where the power is provided by a transistor based circuit and the driver circuitry is tube based. Examples of these designs are the headphone amps with only a single vacuum tube (the driver tube). Not only does the Little Dot MK II have a fully tube based design (both power and driver elements are tube based) it actually has independent circuitry for the left and right channels.
      So essentially, you have 1 power tube and 1 driver tube for the left channel and 1 power tube and 1 driver tube for the right channel. This is called an SEPP design (think of it as 2 + 2 design).

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