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Audeze LCD3 died on me!

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I know there are many stories about LCD3 drivers giving up. Mine was purchased in Europe in 2014, started having trouble with the left driver intermittently and it finally gave up couple of months ago. I reached out Audeze service, they indicated that its out of service (which I knew already) and that it would cost a whopping 598 USD + shipping to US and back. I prefer my HD800 and have not used LCDs that much, funny that HD800s are still going strong barring a cable tear and headband change and LCDs died on me. Has anyone had similar issue? Anyone got any idea if this can be repaired locally?

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This is interesting, what about planar headphones in general? Are they as reliable as normal drivers? I've never owned any but am looking at purchasing an expensive set of Hifimans so this is of interest.

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I have not heard Hifimans failing as frequently as LCDs. Believe its a QC issue with Audeze more than planar magnetic tech. Which one are you planning to get?

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Older Hifiman and Audeze are equally as bad as each other when it comes to build quality and failing drivers. 


My LCD2's, 3 non fazors had failed drivers. The LCD2 non fazor driver replacement cost me $395 (when currency was almost 1:1), both drivers had to be replaced as it had to be matched and balanced and I sold off my LCD3 non fazors for parts and scrap as it wasn't worth it. They cannot be self repaired or repaired locally as it would not only be an extremely delicate job but it would not be balanced FR and sensitivity wise. 



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Thanks F18, agree that it might not be worth the $. Such a waste!!

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Pre 2016 audeze headphone are notorious for driver failures and high unit to unit variation. Its still a problem but not anywhere near the unacceptable rates they were occurring in before.

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      Hi everyone, it's been a while since I have posted, however I recently purchased a marantz cd5005 cd for $50 in silver which had a laser pick up issue, it wasn't reading any discs, but I purchased it mainly because if this player could be repaired, it would be one of the best bargains for me. 
      Note: I didn't take pictures of everything that I did, but hopefully you get what I did. 

      Dismantling the player was the player and disc mechanism was the easy part. 

      Getting the new laser mech ready for installation. 

      As per instructions of most Sanyo laser mechanisms that I know of, the two short circuit contact points outlined in the picture above, out of the box are generally soldered together, once the assembly was done I made sure that the 16 pin ribbon cable was connected first before desoldering the short circuit contact so that it looks like the picture above where you can see two contact points. 

      Then I just assembled everything back together ready for testing. 

      And it's all working well, I used headphones to test the sound and is all working well with no need for further adjustment on the little pot for the laser. 

      All put back together ready to play. 
      The main problem was that the original laser mech had laser had gone off which I later found out was due a shredded bit of the circuit on the side of the laser mech which tells me that the player had been opened up before. But now that the player is fixed, it will be in my system for many years to come. 
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