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SOLD: Purist audio xlr (neptune luminist revision) 1 m

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Item:  purist Audio 1 meter
Price: 1400$
Item Condition: good
Reason for selling: possible  swap plus nees some cash
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

 Farout these are amazing cables. Not as much warmth as the earlier cheaper models but extreme transparency. 



i  need cash to fund some new gear.


i will think about swapping these for cardas xlr and cash my way depending on model.


Also if you have chord signature xlr to match a pair i have. 


Let me know what you have..


Can also go a cheaper earlier purist cable as i do like their  transparency. Screenshot_20190317-185424.thumb.png.f24b568e8b747600da1594c11f98a076.png





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