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Item: WIREWORLD Starlight USB A--B cable.
Location: Rowville
Price: $85.00 (RRP $ 159.00).
Item Condition: Very good. Original box.
Reason for selling: No longer required.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post, Bank transfer.
Extra Info: Gold plated USB A connector to USB B connector, 0.5mtr (20"). I used it for laptop out to DAC input. When I used it it sounded much better than a printer cable.


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    • By prwiseman
      Item: Pro-Ject Phono Box USB V
      Location: Hobart
      Price: $150
      Item Condition: like new
      Reason for selling: no longer required
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: This unit hasn't been used as it wasn't suitable for my purposes.  

    • By **ZEP**
      Item: Chord Electronics QBD 76 USB Bluetooth DAC
      Location: Bayside, Melbourne, Victoria
      Price: $4,150 ono
      Items Condition: Great condition, no scratches or marks, fully functioning and sounding sublime. This is a non smoking, pet free house
      Reason for Sale: Upgrade....its a passion for me!! Im looking for a DAVE if there is a part exchange anywhere??!!
      Payment Information: Cash on Pick up, Paypal, Direct Transfer
      Extra information: I’ve had this remarkable DAC for a few years now and it’s never disappointed me. It replaced a Wavelength USB DAC, which was also very capable, but the clarity and the extended detail that was achieved with this Chord DAC was astounding. Although it’s always about the sound, you should also remember that this is a piece of artwork. It’s beautifully crafted, shimmers Blue hues from the corner of the room and at a couple of KGs it has presence.....this is not just another generic black box!! There’s masses of connectivity, optical, USB, co-axial, and Bluetooth. I stream to it, run a transport into it and USB my Digital Media.The manual is http:// https://www.manualslib.com/manual/899220/Chord-Qbd-76.html
      Question welcome, and I’m happy to audition it to any serious party!

    • By Ugly
      Various cables for sale
      Item: Audio Principe 75 ohm digital interconnect – 1 metre
      Location: Glenbrook NSW
      Price: SOLD
      Item Condition: Excellent.
      Reason for selling: using USB now
      Payment Method: Bank deposit or paypal  (add 4% for paypal unless paying as gift.)
      Extra Info: Great value digital interconnect. http://audioprincipe.com.au/interconnects/single-75-ohm-digital-interconnect/
      Item: Balanced XLR cables with Neutrik connectors 58cm. I think they are silver plated copper (no guarantees) – unknown brand
      Location: Glenbrook NSW
      Price: $40 plus postage 
      Item Condition: Good
      Reason for selling: No longer needed
      Payment Method: Bank deposit or paypal  (add 4% for paypal unless paying as gift.)
      Extra Info: Great value interconnect. I purchased these from another SNA a few months ago but am no longer using because my preamp is not balanced. 
      Item: Furutech ADL Formula 2-B  USB cable – 1.2 meters
      Location: Glenbrook NSW
      Price: SOLD
      Item Condition: Excellent.
      Reason for selling: Not long enough for my current config
      Payment Method: Bank deposit or paypal  (add 4% for paypal unless paying as gift.)
      Extra Info: Great value USB cable






    • By nickt
      Supra EFF-IXLR Interconnect Cable: 2 Metre SOLD
      Supra DAC-XLR Digital Interconnect: 1 Metre
      Supra Anco Digital Co-axial Cable RCA: 1 Metre
      AudioQuest Cinnamon USB Data Cable: 0.75m

      Location: Toowong or Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland
      Supra EFF-IXLR Interconnect Cable: $140 SOLD
      Supra DAC-XLR Digital Interconnect: $40
      Supra Anco Digital Co-axial Cable RCA: $25
      AudioQuest Cinnamon USB Data Cable: $40
      Or all for $220
      + Shipping if necessary
      Item Condition: All in good condition
      Reason for selling:  Have all ended up surplus after some changes to my system
      Payment Method: Paypal, EFT, COD, etc.
      Extra Info: All great cables, well reviewed solid performers. Looking for a good home.

    • By thesnodger
      Item: Antelope Zen Tour USB/Thunderbolt audio interface DAC/ADC with on-board FX
      Location: LNS Sydney
      Price: $2000
      Item Condition: almost BNIB! - been trying it out last 3 days
      Reason for selling: Total overkill for what I need
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: This is an almost brand new unit, I only got it this week, but after playing with it for a few days I realise it's WAY too much for what I need. Therefore I am going to get an Audient id22 instead which now (in hindsight) looks more simpler and suitable for my needs!
      This unit get universally excellent reviews, if I thought I would use all the extra features I would keep it but I know I won't. The price offered here is way under Aussie retail.
      Antelope Audio Zen Tour Features:
      Pro Guitar Interface A clean front end with zero-latency monitoring and Overloud amp modeling give guitar and bass players access to great recorded tones without the amp and the mic. Most Mic/Line Channels Multiple mic preamps and line/DI inputs equip Antelope Audio consoles for real-world recording applications: drums, full bands/orchestras, etc. Lowest Latency Thunderbolt's unmatched round-trip speed reduces latency to imperceptible amounts. The result is a near-analog recording experience for both the producer and the artist. Advanced Remote Apps Apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android control Antelope Audio interfaces remotely from any device on your network. World-class Clocking Any product worthy of the Antelope Audio name must have exceptional clocking. Extremely low jitter gives this unit Antelope's vivid depth and three-dimensionality. Realistic Vintage Effects Hardware-based Pultec-style EQ and AuraVerb reverb are just some of the effects that come standard in Antelope's included FPGA suite.  
      FPGA latency-free engine powers modeled vintage guitar gear, EQs, compressors, and reverb Cutting-edge mastering-quality output DACs with 129dB dynamic range 4 hi-Z/line inputs 4 mic preamps/line inputs 2 stereo monitor outputs with A/B switching 1 talkback mic 2 ADAT ins/outs 1 S/PDIF I/O 2 headphone outputs 2 Reamp outputs Thunderbolt/USB connectivity Remote apps for Mac/PC and iOS/Android