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FS: Vatiros Norma Monoblocks - ADL

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Item: Vatiros Norma Monoblocks
Location: Adelaide
Price: $350 the pair
Item Condition: Working well, face-plates are pretty good, rest of the casework is fair - see pics.
Reason for selling: not being used
Payment Method: Pickup with cash preferred. 
Extra Info: 


120W into 8ohms from what I can gather, and around 9kg a piece - they feel solid. Not much info on the net besides some positive comments about the manufacturer in general in the Thai forums. They seem to be quite high input impedance and/or high sensitivity since they make my cheap phone headphone output sound noisier than usual as a source when I was fooling around. Normal preamps have been quiet but I suspect this was the case so they can be easily driven from a simple tube preamp as seems to be common in the place of origin (and the same manufacturer makes tubed preamps). I bought these together with a tube preamp (though not matching) that I wanted to play with and these monos are surplus to requirements. They run cool in my set-up with some stand-mount Ushers and perform well connected directly to my DAC.  



2019-03-14 21.14.14.jpg

2019-03-14 21.13.34.jpg

2019-01-27 16.04.55.jpg

2019-01-27 16.04.38.jpg

2019-01-27 16.03.14.jpg

2019-01-27 16.02.52.jpg

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