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Ooh, would you be able to measure input lag? Havent been able to any info on it 

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2 hours ago, Spizz said:

Any updates?

Only received it yesterday..... was up till 3am this morning then had to go to work...😟  Just give me a chance to get it set up properly... :)


Initial impressions..


LENS....It is crazy SHARP!  And i mean sharp to the extent of embarrassing some high end PJ,s i have / had here!  


Convergence.....HA!!!!  No need to worry about that.......... being DLP, there NO panels to worry about being mis-aligned  ...and it shows, the image is just RAZOR sharp!!!    No Halos, NO Fringing, just sharp and clean.


Brightness is not an issue....with 5000 lumens it lights up my 143" Scope with ridiculous ease.


Contrast..... with LOW APL scenes ..Yep its lacking  ..... BUT!!!!   on mixed content its "Gorgeous"  :)


A good friend ( he has the Sony 760ES and JVC X9500) called in this morning before work to have  a quick look  ......summery of his first reaction..."WOW"   I pointed out the low end Black Level deficiency..... his reply.... " I can live with that"  :) 


I am taking Friday OFF to do some extensive comparisons ....will have some more substantial feedback after then.  :)





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Thanks for the update.  It really helps out potential buyers.  How is the fan noise?  Is it a deal killer if being mounted slightly behind or overhead?  Motion?  


Also when do you get the LK990 to check out the differences and whether the LK970 is the more mature unit?


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I posted this on AVS...


Spent the majority of today with some HT friends comparing the LK970 . We had my Z1/RS4500 / X9900/ X7500 and my friends Sony 760ES. . 

The LK970 CAN put out a truly truly "Stunning" image .....with a "Caveat" ..... The "Caveat" being the material has to NOT be comprised ( or very minimal ) of LOW APL Scenes!

There is no way of saying otherwise, but the LOW APL Black level is VERY POOR .frown.gif Put this aspect aside just for a moment because on material that doesn't fall into that APL level the image is superb.smile.gif

Some points..

Sharpness / Perceived .... The lens on the LK970 top notch, on many occasions it "appears" sharper than my Z1/RS4500. It IS substantially sharper than the SONY 760ES and embarrass the 2 E-Shift projectors! 

Brightness... It lights up my 143" cope screen from 20ft with ease..... It is substantially brighter than my Z1/RS4500 .. 5000 lumens vs 3000 lumens.

Noise.... Its louder than my Z1 on MED Laser, and quieter than my Z1 on HIGH Laser.

My friend who owns the SONY 760ES ( he also has an X9500) loved the LK970... even after seeing its lacklustre LOW APL peformance , he stated he would take the LK970 over his 760ES because of the other good aspects of the LK970.

Myself....i "Defiantly Defiantly " prefer the LOW APL performance of my Z1/RS4500 over the LK970 , but in other areas i really like the LK970 ....on some material i preferred it to my Z1/RS4500..smile.gif

The LK970 is areal conundrum...... On one hand it can look "Abysmal!!! " frown.gif but on the other it can look truly "Stunning" smile.gif

I think we are all looking for the perfect projector , which i dont think exists. ALL of the projectors here have strong and weak points...ALL the projectors here produced VERY enjoyable images.. smile.gif

Some will write the LK970 off due to it being DLP and having POOR APL Black level performance......fair enough.....thats what Personal Preferences are all about.. smile.gif

Me..... I very much like the LK970 smile.gif

OH..... @Dave Harper I am truly truly sorry but we DID do a split screen shot of "Interstellar" tango_face_crying.png @markmon1 tango_face_grin.png 

A few pics below... smile.gif





















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Wow those low adl scenes are looking really rough on the lk970 (though not as rough as the treatment woofer is getting on avs😉  )

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Posted (edited)

The lens on that thing is stunning. Here's a compare of one of those shots.

Note the guy back left with the yellow helmet thing on, the checker pattern is more detailed on the 970.

As is the lapel on the main guy. Stunning.. it's all more detailed.. we're splitting hairs but the difference is there.


Interesting to see Dave Harpers phone shots he's just posted, shows the black level in a different level.. wonder what's going on there?


You need to click on the image 3 times to get full screen large size too.



Edited by oztheatre

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