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Complete 7.2.4 inc Aaron speakers, Yamaha Receiver, Rotel Power Amp, Cables

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Posted (edited)

Item: Complete Aaron speaker set, Yamaha RX-V3081, Rotel RB-985
Location: Gold Coast
Price: 3500 neg
Item Condition: good - mostly very good
Reason for selling: Home reno and losing cinema
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

Aaron speakers and condition:

2 x ATS-4 (left/right) 9/10

1 x CC240 (centre) 7.5/10

4 x CC120 (surrounds) 9/10

2 x SS60 (surrounds) 9/10

4 x SS10 (height) 9/10

You can use either the ss60 for rears or all cc120 surrounds (what I used)


Aaron sub240 9/10

Aaron sub240 6.5/10

Each sub240 is 200w dual 10inch woofers


Yamaha RX-V3081 9.2 with 11.2 pre-outs (ATMOS/DTS-X)

Condition 9.5/10

Power amp

Rotel RB-985 THX certified power amp (5x100w)

Condition 8/10

Also includes enough 14awg speaker cable for any configuration in even large size rooms.


Home reno means we're going open plan and losing a few rooms, one of those rooms is the home theater.





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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Chironick said:

Willing to break up speaker s and amp? 

Yeah, willing to split, happy to hear all offers at this stage

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Thats an awesome setup at a great price  !!

I would be interested in the 2 Subs if you are splitting :)


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Posted (edited)

I've had a few requests for splitting up and I'm keeping track of all offers as I'm quite willing to but only if the majority is gone. I have my orders from the boss..... 😅


Also shipping is all option and can work something out of a bit earlier wants to take a majority. Eg a 400kg pallet from Brisbane to Sydney is around $300 and I'd be happy to share the cost and I'll even package extremely secure for free!

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On 10/03/2019 at 9:46 PM, niterida said:

Thats an awesome setup at a great price  !!

I would be interested in the 2 Subs if you are splitting :)


Thanks mate. I've really enjoyed it. The sound will fill any size HT. I was a real fan of Aaron speakers and really happy when I got to 7.2.4 all Aaron setup. Took a while but worth it.

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