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SOLD: FS- Denon DVD-A1 DVD/CD/DVD-A Player

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Item: Denon DVD-A! DVD/CD/DVD-A Player

Location: Oak Park
Price: $400
Item Condition:  Has an intermittent fault in the optical tracking.  Cosmetically is perfect.
Reason for selling: Taking up room.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash
Extra Info:  Have placed $400 but am open to reasonable offers.  The thing will give $4000 CD players a run for their money!


Selling my bought from new in 2002 Denon DVD-A1.  


This was the flagship DVD player produced by Denon when they made incredible HT and Audio products.  I bought it to match my Denon AVC-A1SE, another classic piece of Denon electronics that weighed as much as a battleship. 


Weighs in at an impressive18.5kg; and it's a DVD player!  


Sadly it has a fault where the optical drive has issues detecting the CD or DVD when first loaded.  This results in a noise from the CD tray and sometimes a normal playing of the CD or if not a need to open and close the CD tray a number of times, usually three or four, before it begins playing, When playing it perform perfectly for the entire CD.  


I have had the issue checked and at the time DVD's were being replaced by HD-DVD and BlueRay so spending $600 for a new laser assembly didn't seem to make sense but when the sound from this thing is heard it probably was.


have it currently connected to a Moon system comparing the Chris Jones - Roadhouse& Automobiles CD from Stockfisch on the Denon V my Moon CD transport valued at at $7k plus and I'm shocked at how close to the much more expensive and newer Moon, the Denon is.     


For $900 repaired this would be great value.


In addition to being able to play CD's, when it finally does, the CD drive can be bypassed and the internal DAC's ( Burr Brown PCM1704 Audio DACs (these are rated at 24-bit 768 kHz and will oversample 96/24 8X) can used for external devices.

Here's a link to  brilliant review of it.

Denon DVD-A1


As much as the fault annoys me I love this thing but if someone else wants it I'm prepared to let it go.  Not much good sitting under the bed and being brought out yearly to hoping he fault has miraculously gone.


Comes with remote, manual and proprietary DenonLink cable..  


I have a video of noise associated with fault and with it working perfectly if needed.


Pickup only from Oak Park in Melbourne for obvious reasons.








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      I'm not saying it wasn't lost, but those boxes were pretty big, self explanatory and with big writing on them. The were very well looked after, with no marks on anywhere, so much so that the missus said "i'm not gonna help you box those ones because i know how you are with this system and they just look brand new".
      I was gonna save the Amp just as a collector's item because it had no HDMI, but it had surround through RCA, digital and optical. no fancy DTS or anything like that, so it was due to upgrade.
      I always been pretty happy with it for the movie room.
      The insurance company gave me $500 so replace them, because they said it was an "old" system.
      So now I ask:
      What are the suggestions for replacement for the Front speakers and for a amp ?  Can be used, as i probably wouldn't be able to buy new.
      Cant seem to find any Axis LS-38 to replace them. When i search there are just too much that i don't understand to do it. Wouldn't mind better speakers but not worse.
      Now i'm Thinking on getting a 65" OLED TV, so i think HDMI would be a must for amp.
      what are the thoughts on 7.1/7.2? maybe a time for upgrade as well....
      Currently living on North West Melbourne Vic.
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