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QAC March 2019 Meeting

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The next GTG will be at Andrew H’s (QAC Secretary) on Saturday 23rd March at Leichhardt (Ipswich). This meeting will be a small get together (SGT) I have seating upstairs for around 10. The rest can make noise downstairs under the carport (where the BBQ will be hosted). As such, attendance is restricted to 20 members. First in, best dressed. Those who turn up on the day without a prior acknowledged RSVP will kindly be shown the door!


There will be a table for those who wish to sell personal audio gear on the day.

There will be another table for those who wish to give away audio stuff that is gathering dust at their homes (keep the wife happy).

I will have half a crate of LPs to give away, mainly classical, that don’t fit in my collection. I also have various speaker drivers to give away.


Details are …

Host: Andrew H (yours truly)


Date/time: Saturday 23rd March: Midday to 4pm.


Food: I will provide a BBQ lunch at this meeting. Usual club courtesy BYO soft drinks, wine etc. and nibbles welcome. Cheesecake even more welcome!


Gear: 6 systems all up.


Lounge room:

Linn Sondek LP12, Kuzma Stogi Reference tonearm, Audio Technica Art 9 MC, Edmund Chan Hercules/Moses external power supply, Edmund Chan LP12 inner platter, Carbon fibre / balsawood sandwich tonearm plate and chassis board, SRM Tech Silent base plate, Trichord Dino Plus phono stage, on wall mount.

Kuzma Stabi, Stogi 12” VTA tower unipivot tonearm, ZYX R 1000 MC (should be set up by the meeting), Kuzma outer ring, Kuzma external power supply, RCM Sensor Prelude IC Phono Stage Furutech upgrades, on wall mount.

Leema Elements DAC.

Keece 116 power supply.

Intel NUC PC music server, Windows 8, JRiver 24.

Panasonic 3D Blu-ray HD recorder.

Shanling T-80 CD.

NAD C420 tuner.

4GB external HD.

Moon P5 dual mono preamp.

Pass Labs X250.5 power amp.

SGR passive floor-stander speakers (only 7 pairs made).

Ambience Reference 1800 Ribbon Hybrid Series floor stander speakers (upgraded crossovers).

Homemade subs (ex-Phil G) - 12" Peerless drivers, O Audio 300W plate amps.

Sony 55" 3D LED TV.

Acoustic panels.

2 Gecko equipment stands.



Pioneer PL-51 Direct drive, Shure V15 III HE MM, Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE phono stage.

Windows 10 Desktop PC, 27” 4K 3D monitor, JRiver 24.

Audiolab M-Dac.

Auralic Taurus preamp.

Quad 522 power amp.

Netgear ReadyNAS 312- 75,000 music files loaded.


Denon DCD-1015 CD.

Pioneer TX-9100 tuner.

Sennheiser HD600 headphones.

Sennheiser HD320 headphones.

Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones.

Earsonics SM-64 IEMs.

Homemade large bookshelf 3 way ported speakers (Troel Gravesen design).

Sherwood SW-10 subwoofer.

VPI 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine.

Pink Triangle P Two TT (no arm at the moment), ZYX Bloom MC, and modified Linn Valhalla card in external power supply box.

Yamaha K320 Cassette deck.

Acoustic panels.


My Bedroom:

Samsung Blu-ray Recorder.

PS Audio NuWave DAC.

Parasound P3 preamp.

Parasound A21 power amp.

Intel NUC music server, Windows 8, JRiver 24.

Yamaha TX-480 tuner.

Dynaudio Audience 82 floor-stander speakers.

Samsung 46" 3D LED TV.

Glass HiFi rack.

Acoustic panels.


Son's Bedroom

Intel NUC PC Windows 10, JRiver 24.

Sony Playstation 4.

Peachtree DACiTx DAC.

Teddy Pardo power supply.

Pioneer VSX-919 AVR.

Polk LS-70 floor-standing speakers.

Panasonic Plasma TV.

Panasonic 3D Blu-ray HD recorder.

M&K 150 subwoofer.

Timber HiFi low line rack.


Bathroom: (on shelf)

Sony NWZ-ZX1 128GB HD player (or Android phones)

Audioengine 2 powered speakers or Altec 2.1 powered speakers (son likes doof doof!).



Desktop Linux Mint 20, JRiver 24.

Parasound ZDac.

Emotiva USP-1 preamp.

Bryston 2B-LP power amp.

Yamaha T-700 tuner.

Sharp 32” LCD TV (wall mount).

Samsung Blu-ray player.

Sansui SP-3500 large 3 way bookshelf speakers.


All rooms and workshop are Ethernet connected (hard points and 5 port switches).


Lots of cables. Nordost, Goertz, Van Der Hul, Tara Labs, Dark Side, Xindak.


Usual club courtesy BYO soft drinks, wine etc. and nibbles (especially cheesecake) welcome.



Please RSPV if you will wish to attend (or even thinking of attending).

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Only 4 places left!

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