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SOLD: FS: Acoustic Panels (CMF R3-B)

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Item: 4 x CMF R3-B Acoustic Panels (600mm x 1200mm x 50mm)
Location: East Lindfield, Sydney, 2070
Price: $200 ONO
Item Condition: Good-to-fair
Reason for selling: NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash COD Only
Extra Info:

Purchased from stereonet a few years ago and are in good-fair condition:


- One panel is discoloured in a few places around the sides from being to close to somekind of bleach-based spray

- One panel doesnt have the hanging string (which can be fixed easily enough)


Collection only due to their size.




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I used to own 4 of these; quality panels! Good luck with the sale bud.

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If I wasn’t stuck in a bloody hospital, I’d be coming to collect. 

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    • By Jonny
      Item: Acoustic Bass Traps x 4

      Location: Victoria (Dandenong Ranges)

      Price: $800

      Item Condition: Great condition(some scruff marks on the wood)

      Reason for selling: not in use

      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD, bank transfer

      Extra Info: Canvas wrapped, wood frame and filled with Acoustisorb 3. There is a small difference in the thickness/shape of the bass traps, but you don't notice this when stacked in the corners. These were much more expensive when I purchased them second hand, so they are heavily discounted. Excellent built quality and they look great. Happy to deliver anywhere in Melbourne metro area but can't ship these interstate. 

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