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Is there anything intrinsically wrong with bare-wire speaker connection?

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What in a rush and skimmed ya' post, Bob and now I see no reason at all for my response.



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On 19/03/2019 at 12:12 PM, G-Dubz said:

What I found interesting in the discussion in the previous pages and from OP's comments was the push pull between 'less is more'

In this regard, less IS more .... but only in so far as you need to still ensure a good quality electrical and mechanical connection.


It possible to make thing too simple.... meaning that if you had a terminal and wire which didn't form a good quality connection  .... then worshiping the "less is more" gods is silly.....  It would be much much better to put a connector (eg. a spade) on the wire - assuming that the spade could be connected to the wire with a good quality electrical and mechanical connection (and that the terminal could accept the spade well).


I have DIY equipment, so I sometimes run wire directly from the amplifier to the driver, with no connectors of any sort.....   that's not 'cos I think connectors are inherently bad .... but it just removes the potential for poor connections, corrosion, etc.     But I also change things like I change my underpants sometimes, so it gets quite inconvenient.


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On 13/03/2019 at 2:57 AM, Southerly said:

Instead of using reasoned argument to oppose these tried materials the only responses were sarcasm, denial syndrome or ridicule.


One sad character said that the design and implementation of circuits were far more important but wait a minute - no matter how good an amp or preamp or whatever is - the signal has to be conveyed via signal wiring and 99% of the time this has to passed through, connnectors.

The sad character is correct in general <shrug>


... but from what you have written (sorry if I've missed something) you seem to have things generally arse-about.    It isn't up to others to use reasoned argument to "oppose".    It's up to others to "replicate".


If someone says there is an outcome "from using air cored conductors".... it's up to them to provide details of what they did and what the results were ... and then others can try to replicate the experiment and confirm the result.   Either the result is able to be verified by others, or it is not.




On 13/03/2019 at 2:57 AM, Southerly said:

Can anyone point me to actual research conducted by experienced, open minded professional people?

Research on things like this is typically not published when it is unable to confirm a hypothesis.


Eg. Hypothesis is "such and such wire might better transmit audio signals"


I do some experiments, and I cannot show anything different about the wire performance.    I do not publish a paper about this.


On 13/03/2019 at 2:57 AM, Southerly said:

I've lost count of the times that it has been said that as long as digital i/connect is actually 75ohm all is golden, some now challenge this.

You gotta be careful who you listen to, and what actual specific justification they give for what they're saying.


Digital signals are fast.  Typical SPDIF cables won't transmit them perfectly.   That could be a problem (depends what is on either end of the cable, and whether it cares much).    "Is it 75ohm" is an oversimplification.


On 13/03/2019 at 2:57 AM, Southerly said:

If your connecting well designed and built gear doesn't it make sense to use signal wiring that will convey the signal/music as faithfully (non religious use of that expression)  as possible to the next piece of gear?

Of course.... but I tend to think about wire, the same as large signal capacitors or resistors. 


There's a mountain of both theory and evidence which says they won't/don't have a significant effect....  but, lots of people are very sure they do.


If that's the case (that they all sound different) .... then what does that say?   That none of them are "perfect" .... indeed, perhaps none of them are even "good".


I try to design systems which avoid cables, connectors, resistors, capacitors, etc.   If people need to speed dizzying $ on them to be happy, then I think that those problems should be just sidestepped and the money re-purposed where it does good.


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