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Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 overhead speaker location

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29 minutes ago, agrif78 said:

@Quark So, the 12V trigger just turns on the amp at same time as receiver? 


Lx901 receiver has 12V output but lx71 doesn't seem to have 12V input, only 2 outputs too.


It has IR IN and CONTROL IN. Should I plug through 12V input into one of these?



Doesn't look like either of those will work unfortunately. Is there an option to switch the remote on one to an alternative setting (some have and A and B mode to avoid conflicts)?

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I will have to check if there is an option to put either remote onto a different setting.


I have actually tried your initial suggestion of covering up the IR sensor on the amp - have used some black duct tape. Problem solved!


Now I just have to manually turn amp on/off. I can live with that ... for now.


Thanks heaps quark! Have a good night.

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