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Best 3D movie or implementation of 3D in a movie.

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21 minutes ago, Satanica said:

Best 3D movie? I thought it would be pretty obvious.


Stock photo


  hard for one of the worst movies ever made to be the best 3D movie 9_9


I would prefer to nominate this if forced to make a choice between the 2 :)


Amazon.com: The Smurfs 2 (Three-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray ...

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Prometheus is technically the best 3D movie IMHO, AVATAR is on par, but a different beast, as most of it is CGI.


The best 3D is used subtlety, and enhances the viewing experience, not done to be a Whiz Bang effect , which a lot were early on, ultimately to 3D's decrement , it gave the format a bad name, and was inconsistent in it's application, if not just done badly [Warner Bros Harry Potter /Fantastic Beast's series are a prime example of a company doing things badly to cash in]....but then again, it's Warner Bros, they suck and always have.

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Bought a Sony tv a few years ago 3D capable, never bought glasses and have never watched a 3D movie on it! The last 3D movie I saw would have been as a kid in the cinema and I have no idea what it would of been. Whatever was showing around 40+ years ago I guess

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13 minutes ago, Tweaky said:

Prometheus is technically the best 3D movie IMHO

what Prometheus does is like a good stereo system add the 3rd dimension.... it isn't trying to be gimmick with stuff poking out the screen or anything like that... more just a sense of depth into screen and also not doing as some early 3D did a kind of shadow puppet effect with flat 2D objects in different planes.... it is certainly a good demonstration of how to do 3D well in that kind of genre of movie...


ps not to say stuff sticking out screen can't be used to good effect. the imax 3D undersea is amazing for that... where fish float around in your room, can literally almost reach out and touch the coral....

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