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JVC DLA-N5/DLA-N7/DLA-NX9 Owners Thread

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videopro had the pana discounted not sure still is :) 


as per jref, some goings on at value electronics (importer in us of the pana ub9000) to be demoed with a ivc nx9 that chris deering no less is calibrating and by sounds to great end result with the pana. certainly be some interesting info that flows from this day, great to see things like this happening :)


"I was at Value Electronics today and they are hosting the world’s first demonstration of JVC’s NX9 4K HDR projector with Panasonic’s new UB9000 4K HDR Blu-ray player. The live presentations will run from 11am - 5pm on Saturday, tomorrow, March 23rd at their store. I saw Kris Deering who is calibrating the NX9 projector. Kris showed me some of the demo content and i'm not a projector enthusiast but the PQ looked "like" a flat panel display. The information and demo should be very interesting."

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