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Item: Castle Avon 5 – Pair of Floorstanding  Loudspeakers in Natural Oak finish 
Location: Burwood VIC
Price: $3,650 (RRP $4,999)
Item Condition: Shop Display, in excellent condition with original packaging etc.
Reason for selling: Demo Sale
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

Really nice pair of Castle Avon 5’s. Finished in a lovely Natural Oak finish, which is a special order. These have a rich tone, sweet treble and a strong bottom end.


This pair is our shop demos, completely unmarked and has done very little work.


The Avon 5 features twin 150mm Woven Carbon Fibre cone drivers in a TL tuned to 32Hz. In room the Avon 5 achieves a bass extension (-6dB) down to 30Hz making it a truly wideband speaker. A castle ribbon tweeter compliments the bass drivers.

  • 3-way floor-standing speaker
  • TDTL - Twin Drive Transmission Line
  • 150mm Woven Carbon fibre Cone Woofer x2
  • 115mm Woven Carbon fibre Cone Mid-range
  • 12 x 45 mm True Ribbon
  • 89dB Sensitivity
  • 25-100W Recommended Amp Power
  • 97dB Peak SPL
  • 8Ω Compatible
  • 3.8Ω Minimum Impedance
  • 35Hz ~ 20kHz Frequency Response
  • 30Hz Bass Extension
  • 1110 x 210 x 365mm
  • 24kg each






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      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:  These are tough little speakers.  They can go surprisingly loud, and are efficient and easy to drive.  The cabinets and grills are in near perfect condition.  There are no dings in the metal perforated grill.  All original packaging is included.
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      The last seller of these kept them in meticulous condition and I have done the same. Never over driven and all sounds as it should. I understand that these were $800 new as per the last sellers original purchase. 
      Happy to send via courier at the instruction and payment of the purchaser. Still have original double cardboard boxes.
      Grab yourself a bargain.
      I have added the original SNA ad for additional info. 





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    • By Spinnergeoff
      Item: Subsonic Fusion III Speaker System
      Location: Baulkham Hills - Sydney
      Price: $1400 ono
      Item Condition: used but good
      Reason for selling: my hobby is building and/or rescuing speakers, can't keep them all
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: 
      This is a set from the late 1990s, designed by Ralph Waters who was also the founder and designer of the Richter speakers back in the 1990s. The large front and rear speakers are the same except that the front L+R+Centre each have an inbuilt powered subwoofer, so the bass generated by this setup is amazing.
      But it's not just about bass - the audio quality is exceptional and can be used for music as well as movies. They originally sold for around $7k, in fact the dealer's receipt I have for this set shows $7999. The drivers used are high class and have rubber surrounds, so last a long time. The inbuilt subwoofer amplifier is rated at 225w, and the low frequency response specified is down to 25Hz. There is actually no specified power rating for the five speakers, but sensible use will not damage most speakers regardless of the maximum power output of the amplifier.
      Cabinets are heavily built, with the floor standers weighing in at 18Kg each. Apart from some fading of the Jarrah veneers, the speaker cabinets and grilles are good. The amplifier had some capacitors and transistors needing replacement and this has been done - thanks to the original amplifier designer who supplied schematics, and a friendly tech who did the component replacements. The sound is sensational. You'd have to pay upwards of $10k now in new gear to get near this quality.
      Original Documentation: comes with various original brochures and instructions - see photo.
      How they connect up: They connect from the surround amplifier as follows - on the back plate of the Main (R) speaker there are inputs for L+R+C. The inbuilt sub amp and associated circuitry sorts the bass from the midrange and treble, and directs signals to the appropriate drivers. Signals to the Centre and front Left (Slave) are via thick four wire cables (supplied) from the Main which plug in via Neutrik plugs. The rear effects speakers connect directly as per usual from the surround amp/receiver.  
      The surround amp should be set for front & centre speakers Large, and Subwoofer Off. The three subwoofers have their own volume control on the back plate so the amount of bass can be adjusted to suit your taste and the efficiency of the speakers in your room. My tests with action movies have been exciting - I had to back off the bass volume a bit because it was shaking the room.
      Dimensions: All four floor standers are 1120x210x285 (hwd) while the centre is 235x700x380 (hwd).  
      Delivery & Setup: free and done by me in the Sydney metro area. Otherwise ask - if it's within the realms of possibility I'll travel further and charge for petrol etc. I have no packaging material for these, so shipping by courier would present problems, but could possibly be organised - ask me about this. Let me know about your surround amplifier and room just to confirm suitability and whether any other cables are needed.


    • By Blackwood Sound
      Item: Krix Phoenix & KDX Centre Speaker
      Location: Adelaide
      Price: $1500
      Item Condition: Second Hand/Excellent
      Reason for selling: Trade in
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Credit Card
      Extra Info: American Cherry Finish
      20-150 watts - 4 ohms
      Not for sale separately