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DigiBit Aria Piccolo + Music Server 2TB HDD + DAC

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Item: DigiBit Aria Piccolo + Music Server 2TB HDD + DAC RRP $4000
Price: $3500

Location: GOLD COAST 

Item Condition: BRAND NEW IN A BOX 

Reason for selling: UPGRADE 


Pictures: AS ATTACHED 



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    • By Cafad
      Item:  Redgum CD5ENR  2005 model.
      Location: Nanango, Qld, 4615
      Price: $450  firm
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: I have 5 cd players and need to cull a few.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Made with custom silver wiring for the first owner.  This model does not have a remote control so I was only using it as a DAC.  Very detailed, very energetic and very fast sound.  No original box, will wrap securely before packing.  Will also test play before sending.
      Here is a pic of it sitting on top of the pre and mono-block amps I used to have.


    • By logicaldisconnect
      Item: Chord Hugo 2 (black) and 64 Audio A12t custom IEMs
      Location: Sydney (2000)
      Price: $2,800 $2,700 (Hugo 2), $1,600 $1,500 (A12t)
      Item Condition: Perfect
      Reason for selling: No longer need a high-end portable / transportable setup.
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Hugo 2
      This is an excellent portable / transportable DAC / amp that will also work very well in a desktop setup. It’s one of the best I’ve tried. See the very positive impressions here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/chord-electronics-hugo-2-the-official-thread.831345/. And, for example, the professional reviews here: https://www.whathifi.com/chord/hugo-2/review, https://www.themasterswitch.com/review-chord-hugo-2, https://darko.audio/2017/09/top-of-the-pops-chord-electronics-outstanding-hugo-2/.
      Purchased in October 2018 from Minidisc in Australia. Comes with box and original accessories. Perfect condition.
      Happy to ship. Shipping and any Paypal fees at the buyer’s expense. RRP is $3,700 AUD.
      This is one of the best IEMs I’ve tried. It’s very musical and engaging while still detailed, not fatiguing at all, and has excellent bass without sacrificing anything else. See positive impressions, for example, here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/crinacles-iem-ranking-list-275-entries-06-01-19-update.857498/. I demo’d the U12t against the U18t, Tia Trio and Campfire Andromeda and preferred the U12t. 
      They are also flawlessly made – the nicest shells I’ve had in a custom IEM.
      Purchased in October 2018 from Acustoms in Australia. Comes with box and original accessories (including both m15 and m20 modules). 64 Audio in the US will reshell for $399: see https://www.64audio.com/faq. Please let me know if you need more details about this. 
      Happy to ship. Shipping and any Paypal fees at the buyer’s expense.  RRP is $1,999 USD.


    • By alex789hifi
      Hi All,
      Selling the below 3 components. No longer using this gear so it has to go. I take care of all of my hifi.
      My ebay name is alex789hifi and have 100% positive reviews so you are comfortable purchasing. 
      I dont have the box for the centre so 'prefer pickup. Will wrap if required, I have metres of bubble wrap
      ,soft cloth & will double box for protection. Í do have the boxes for the AMR and Onkyo. 
      Any questions send me a PM. 
      Item:  Kef Reference 204/2C (Rosewood Gloss) Speaker
      Location: Gladesvile 2111 (NSW)
      Price: $2200
      Item Condition:  Excellent
      Reason for selling:  No longer being used
      Payment Method:  Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: RRP $8000 (no longer current model)
      Item:  AMR DP-777 DAC
      Location: Gladesvile 2111 (NSW)
      Price:  $2200
      Item Condition:  Good (Perspex covers over tubes have faded slightly)
      Reason for selling:  No longer being used
      Payment Method:  Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: RRP $8000 (no longer current model)
      Item:  Onkyo M500R power amp
      Location: Gladesvile 2111 (NSW)
      Price:  $2200
      Item Condition:  Excellent
      Reason for selling:  No longer being used
      Payment Method:  Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: RRP $5000 current model

    • By Ed Sky
      I am considering the purchase of a new DAC, my key requirements being:
      It supports MQA It has a preamplifier built in with Home Theatre (HT) Bypass (supporting balanced XLR inputs from an AV preprocessor) The sound quality should be a substantial upgrade over my Marantz AV8802A AV preprocessor Not essential, but it ideally should have network streaming built in, with the primary objective to stream Tidal  
      I’m finding it surprisingly difficult to find units that tick all the above boxes. Specifically very few DACs have HT Bypass. I’d like to connect the DAC directly to my amplifier to bypass my AV system (but have the AV system connected to the same amplifier via HT Bypass).
      I could connect the DAC to the Marantz 8802A in pure direct mode but I understand that the Marantz will still do an A to D and D to A conversion for the volume control, which would restrict the performance of the DAC. Correct me if I’m wrong here.
      So the two candidates I’ve seen so far are:
      Simaudio Moon 890 Mytek Manhattan II  
      Has anyone had experience with the above DAC/preamps? Any other DACs to consider? Really at the start of my investigations so look forward to hearing any thoughts or recommendations based on the above mentioned intentions.
      My gear is B&W 804D3, Simaudio Moon 860A, Marantz AV8802A, Rel S/3 SHO subwoofer connected via high level inputs, streaming via Audirvana via UPnP or the Tidal app on iOS.
      Thanks in advance