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I recently purchased a sub-platter upgrade for my EAT B-Sharp from Lee at Acoustand Audio.


After getting me to send him some photos, he felt as though his sub-platter (built for 2xperience level Pro-Ject's) would work with my EAT.


Upon receiving it, it would seem as though there was some difference between what EAT do and Pro-Ject do as it sat quite high by comparison.


A bit of back and forth with Lee and we finally got a result.


The whole time, he was entirely focused on making sure we got it right and was very quick in offering up potential solutions.


All in all, one happy chappy here and I would wholeheartedly recommend Lee to anyone who may be interested in one of his upgrades, pleasure to deal with.





And After;



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Good to hear that there are still dedicated people working in the industry, great outcome

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