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FS: Denon DP60L Direct Drive Vintage Awesomeness

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Item: Denon DP60L Direct Drive Vintage Turntable

Location: Canberra ACT

Price: $1100 + Packing/Shipping

Item Condition: Excellent cosmetic condition with only a couple of blemishes both of which I’ve tried to highlight in the pictures. One is a graze on the left side of the plinth (minor colour repairs have hidden it well), the other is a small blemish in the plinth veneer between the tonearm and drive body towards the rear of the turntable (about 1cm long and hard to clearly photograph). Original mat is in great condition and the dustcover is very clean. Operationally all functions are working perfectly – both speeds lock immediately, the arm descends slowly and auto lifts gently at the end of the LP and the platter stops spinning quickly when ‘stop’ is pressed. I purchased this from a former member who directly imported it from his Japanese contact - it was serviced electronically, lubricated and tested before leaving Japan.

Reason for selling: Desire to upgrade / Try something new

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra Info: 

This would be a brilliant way for someone who wants to try a foray into vinyl without spending mega bucks. This table bettered my enhanced Rega RP6 in pretty much every department (except the Gloss Black Modern Looks one)

This example includes everything you need to have a high-end experience:

'S' Arm + Heavy Counter weight

Straight Arm + Light Counter Weight

Tortech Voltage Transformer (Bought new with turntable)

Vintage Denon Headshell (~6g)

Original rubber mat


I have not included a cartridge though I can provide some insights into how Dynavector, Benz and Supex carts have worked. I can look to package the unit for shipping (or take to Pack and Send) but would require any purchaser to take shipping risk as there are no original (or professional packing materials). My preference is for local collection (and demonstration).


Denon Description

The DP-60L has a head shell integrated into the arm tube, with its connector portion located at the base of the tube.

The tube is a replaceable S-shaped arm tube with standard 4P connector.

By replacing the low mass arm tube with the S-shaped tube, virtually all head shells or integrated cartridges can be utilised.

By having the ability to use the widest selection of cartridges, your audio enjoyment will be significantly broadened.


Drive system: direct drive by AC servo motor

Speed control system: servo control with frequency detection

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Speed deviation: less than 0.002%

Wow and flutter: less than 0.015% WRMS

Rumble: less than -78dB

Starting time: less than 1.5 sec to 33.33rpm

Platter: 300mm aluminium die-cast

Tonearm: straight and s-shaped type

Effective length: 244mm

Overhang: 14m

Stylus force: 0 to 2.5g

Cartridge weight: 4-10g (straight tube), 12-18g (s-shaped tube)

Dimensions: 485 x 180 x 410mm

Weight: 13kg









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price drop

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Sold pending payment - will edit ad from the laptop later.

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