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SOLD: FS: Combak Harmonix 606z feet

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Location: Melb
Price: $550
Item Condition: Excellent used
Reason for selling: Spare set

Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:




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    • By Kezzbot
      Krix Home Theater speakers
      Location: Darwin
      Price: $3,000
       Included are: 

      Harmonix floor standers in Atlantic Jarrah RRP $3,475 
      Vortex Centre RRP $1,345 
      Surrounds RRP $800 
      RX - V3800 Yamaha amp. RRP $2,500 

      All in fantastic condition. 

      check them out at krix.com.au 

      With a RRP of over $8,000 this is a quality system. 
      These speakers sound amazing. 

      I'm not the first owner. 
      Center is couple of years old, mains and surrounds are about 7 years old. 

      I live in a block of units so I never played very loud , haven't had much use in the last 6 months. 

      Reason for selling: Baby    
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash
      is it Theatre or Theater!?!



    • By alexb
      Item: Set of 4 Harmonix TU-666ZX BeauTone Isolation Footers
      Location: Adelaide
      Price: $Sold pending payment
      Item Condition: Excellent condition with some light scuffs on top
      Reason for selling: Need the funds so my system needs to go!
      Payment Method: Local pickup or direct deposit for interstate buyers
      Extra Info:
      These are amazing top-end isolation footers from Harmonix. The TU-666ZX BeauTone is the succession of Harmonix flagship feet Model TU-1000. The improvement is astonishing! After trying many isolation footers, these have had the most dramatic results for my amplifiers. These can be used under any component for sonic improvement.Comes with original instructions and paperwork. 100% authentic.

      Further information below:



    • By kiwijosh
      Hi guys, I'm in need of some solid purchasing advice. I have been looking to upgrade my current bookshelves (krix equinox)  I have auditioned the Vaf i91s and can really appreciate why everybody on these forums love these little speakers so much. I was a little concerned that they are a little bass shy but they are only a small speaker. My question is, I am better of for a very similar price getting a floorstander such as the Krix Harmonix, as its a large room (8x7) .  I am yet to demo these but from all accounts they are pretty good bang for buck. I realise the VAF's are probably going to be more refined but my amp is pretty modest Cambridge CXA60. Music genres vary a lot anything from Arcade fire, Jazz to Kendrick Lamar  Assistants is appreciated.