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Classic Aussie Cinema

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19 hours ago, cultfilman said:

No women. I could count on one hand the Australian women that made their careers in the UK at this time. One that stands out for her comedic talents is tiny Esma Cannon. She was in a quite a few Carry On films. You a Carry On devotee? There is a new thread.

She was hilarious in The Rag Trade



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On 19/02/2019 at 2:08 PM, zippi said:

1. I know the actors that resonate with me and very often will seek out the movies based on the actors (and directors)

2. it's just gob-smacking to see how many top shelf actors we have here in Aus (or at least have originate here), given the relatively tiny sub 30mil population of Australia. I reckon entire Great Britain would be run off it's feet trying to keep up.

This tells her full story


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Esma Cannon Filmography: 

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June Jago (pictured) was another Australian working in Britain in the 50/60s. 

She made her stage debut in Australia and went to Britain in the 1950s with a touring production of  the Australian play Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.[3] She made her film debut in 1959 in Please Turn Over, alongside Jean Kent, Leslie Phillips and Joan Sims.[4]

She appeared in two of the Carry On films - Carry On Regardless (1961) and Carry On Doctor (1967) - [5] and her other film credits included roles in The Captain's Table (1959), No Kidding (1960), Journey into Darkness (1968), The Games (1970) and Melody (1971). She appeared on television in programmes such as Catweazle and The Good Life.[6]

On stage, she appeared with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Court Theatre.[7] She also appeared in the Australian films The Man from Snowy River (1982), Double Deal (1983) and Departure (1986) after returning to Australia in the late 1970s,  working notably with the Melbourne Theatre Company, and as a teacher of acting and elocution.

Actress June Jago.jpg

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Judith Anderson 1934-09-11.jpg


Australia's most famous female acting import is without doubt Judith Anderson. 

She made her professional debut (as Francee Anderson) in 1915, at the Theatre Royal, Sydney, in A Royal Divorce... after which she performed in a multitude of plays mostly with the respected Scottish actor Julius Knight whom she later credited with laying the foundations of her acting skills.  


Anderson was ambitious and left Australia not for London like most Australian thespians but rather the US where after a struggle to find her feet found work with the Emma Bunting Stock Company at the Fourteenth Street Theatre in 1918–19.


Anderson made her Broadway debut in Up the Stairs (1922)  and had her first triumph with the play Cobra (1924) co-starring Louis Calhern, which ran for 35 performances. Anderson then went on to The Dove (1925) which went for 101 performances and really established her on Broadway.

She  returned home briefly in 1927 for stage work before returning to Broadway and further success.


Anderson made her feature film debut in Blood Money (1933).

She , however, focused on Broadway: Come of Age (1934), and Divided By Three (1934) before hitting the big time with the lead in Zoë Akins' The Old Maid (1935) from the novel by Edith Wharton, in the role later played on film by Miriam Hopkins. It ran for 305 performances.


In 1937, she joined the Old Vic Company in London and played Lady Macbeth opposite Laurence Olivier in a production by Michel Saint-Denis, at the Old Vic and the New Theatre. 


She then received a career boost when cast in Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca (1940)as the  housekeeper Mrs. Danvers in which she was required to mentally torment the young second Mrs. de Winter (Joan Fontaine), even encouraging her to commit suicide; and taunt her husband (Laurence Olivier) with the memory of his first wife, the never-seen "Rebecca" of the title. The movie was a huge critical and commercial success and Anderson was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar.  


In 1955 she toured Australia with the stage production of Medea after which she featured in more stage and film work.


Anderson.. now Dame Judith never forgot her homeland and in 1975 returned to play a demented landlady in the low budget thriller Inn of the Damned.


Australia's grand dame of stage and screen died in America of pneumonia, in 1992, aged 94.

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Directed by Nicholas Roeg and starring the lovely Jennifer Agutter and David Gulpilil,this is quite a good movie too. It caused a bit of a stir when released with Agutter who was 16 at the time appearing nude in the movie.

images (61).jpeg

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Look Both Ways (2005)

Directed by the late great Sarah Watt


Look Both Ways (2005)

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Ten Canoes (2006)


Ten Canoes | Arno Skatas

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      but 3890 long bit close to screen
      Bulkhead (wall to 700in all way round) 28c or 2400 high
      center of ceiling is 31c or 2700 high
      Bow i did use this website with the 2 different high i cant work out if i got a good room.
      Screen size I will be sitting about 3500 away I am counting about 400mm for the recliners space.
      Some say I could get away with 4K Hisense 75" UHD LED LCD 100Hz 3D Smart TV for $4500
      others recommend a projector and 100'' size max

      Now i love B&W speakers especially the cm10 s2 one shop today said that's over kill
      I love bass,. in my car i have a nice 10'' that made me sick at the start now I feel its losing power or I'm getting deaf.
      In my opinion the two quote I got are; over my budget, I wonder if I could save somewhere on parts, and I did not like the Yamaha speaker did not cut it for me.
      The sales man has also added in the quote krix subwoofer because the psb subwoofer was not loud enough for me the krix did make the room shake i think the panasonic DMR-BWT945GL would be great if i went for projector that unit would be my smart hub.
      Therefore my question is, what would recommend for me.
      5.1 or 5.2 ?
      TV or Projector ?
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      did i miss any questions ?

      feel free to add model numbers if you recommending

      I will appreciate everything I am give, as now I'm in a dilemma.

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