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SOLD: FS: Meridian 559 Two Channel Power Amplifier

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Item: Meridian 559 Two Channel Power Amplifier
East Brighton, VIC
Price: $2,380
Item Condition: Used, Very good condition
Reason for selling: Upgraded
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only (note I no longer have the packing box and the unit is 42kg)
Extra Info: This power amplifier has two toroidal transformers and will output more than 300W/channel into 8ohms. It can also be bridged to give over 1000W into 8ohms.

The core design of the amplifier employs a radical new amplifier topology which was created specifically to meet the demands of new audio formats, and which was first featured in Meridian’s DSP8000 flagship loudspeaker. Link to Meridian Tech. Specs. - https://www.meridian-audio.com/media/6816/559-300w-two-channel-power-amplifier-datasheet.pdf


Unit comes with the user manual, power cord and all accessories.


Note this is the updated model, the previous model weighed a little less at 37kg.



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Sold pending payment.

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    • By mjon
      Item: Meridian 861 v8, Meridian 5000c, Meridian HD621, Devialet 200 companion, Arcam irdac,  Q Acoustics 2020i, Q Acoustics BT3, Bluesound Node 2, Boston Acoustics VR3, Logitech Squeezebox
      Location:Melbourne west
      Price: Listed below
      Item Condition: Very Good
      Reason for selling: Surplus
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer
      Extra Info:
      Price List:
      Meridian 861 V8 Surround Processor                                                                                                                                                                                      $   6200
      Meridian 861V8 Reference Digital Surround Sound Processor, in excellent operational condition, comes with remote, box and accessories. 
      note - there is small chip on the front fascia (picture below), occurred while moving out the rack. CORE cards are fitted as standard Version 8: 2X OA08 Analogue Output card, with 4x Analogue Outputs, Phono, configurable, with 24-bit, 192kHz DAC. IE44 6x Digital Audio Inputs, Phono, D1 to D6 can be configured as 2x six-channel digital inputs with Meridian SmartLink performance. 2x Optical Audio Inputs, Toslink. SpeakerLink Input, RJ45. Meridian Multi-channel High Resolution (MMHR) Input, RJ45. IA04 6x Analogue Stereo Inputs, Phono. Can be configured as 2x six-channel analogue inputs. ID29 Digital Input card with 1x USB input, 3x Optical Audio Inputs, Toslink, 2x SpeakerLink inputs, RJ45. OE34 8x Digital Output, SpeakerLink. L, R, C, SUB, Side L, Side R, Rear L, Rear R. CD20 & EF20: Internal (no rear panel) 48-bit DSP cards Meridian 5000c Center Speaker                                                                                                                                                                                               $     550 Meridian HD621 Audio Processor                                                                                                                                                                                              $     700
      unit was used in a rack shelve and do have the original feet, refer to the picture. 
      Devialet Expert 200 Companion                                                                                                                                                                                                $   4200
      LE 200 Companion has pretty much the same functionality as the regular Devialet Expert 200 - except no WiFi streaming module(Air).
      Arcam irdac                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $     350
      Q Acoustics 2020i bookshelf speaker                                                                                                                                                                                        $     270
      Q Acoustics BT3                                                                                                                                                                                                                              $     380
      Bluesound Node 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                          $      550
      Logitech Squeezebox                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $      150
      Boston Acoustics VR3                                                                                                                                                                                                                    $      650

    • By synthz
      Item: Parasound JC1 - Power Amp Monoblock (x2) 400 watts @ 8 Ohm
      Location: Sydney
      Price: 6,500 6200
      Item Condition: Used
      Reason for selling: NLR. Settling in with tubes amp
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: PICKUP ONLY - NO SHIPPING. Third owner. Age is around 6 years old. Still current model at their product range because it is just THAT good. I would like to sell these rather than being unused because I'm quite content with my tubes amp. Still have boxes available. Even though these are 400w / 8ohms each, Stereophile did a measurement test and the true numbers are somewhere around568w/8ohms each! Very powerful solid state amps that can drive any speakers on planet earth (even Bose!). I used these to power my Dynaudio C2 and they power them without any sweat, even though Dynaudio C2 are famous for being difficult to drive. Happy to provide demo for serious buyers. The amp was designed by the famous John Curl, read up the story about this amp and you will be convinced that this is a serious piece of engineering and they did not skim with the components inside either. There are minor scuff marks on the chassis which is quite normal for amps at this age. The JC1 runs in pure Class-A up to 25 watts at eight ohms, with its bias set to high and ten watts into eight ohms with the bias set to low.
      The sticker that you see on the back panel is from the first owner from repairing a power button and an LED, so it's a very minor repair.
      These amps are still being sold on hi-fi stores in Sydney for $9,000 EACH. So grab a massive bargain, it's a no brainer to get it at this price when you could have spent $18,000 for the pair.  
      Premier monaural amplifier
      Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl and CTC Builder
      Ultra-high bias Class A/AB operation
      Exclusive two position bias level adjustment
      Balanced inputs with discrete circuits and XLR connectors
      Vampire Direct gold-plated OFC RCA input
      Dual heavy-duty 24k gold-plated 5-way speaker binding posts
      Direct Coupled - no capacitors or inductors in signal path
      Complementary MOSFET driver stage and JFET input stage
      18 beta-matched 15 amp, 60 MHz bipolar output transistors
      1.9 kVA encapsulated toroid power transformer
      Independent power supplies for input, driver and output stages
      18,000 μF filters for driver stage
      132,000 µF Nichicon Gold Tune filters for output stage
      DC Servo and relay protection circuits
      REL and Nichicon Muse capacitors
      Harris hyper-fast soft recovery diodes for all bridge rectifiers
      Auto turn-on by 12v trigger or audio signal trigger
      Ground lift switch , adjustable turn-on delay
      4u Chassis with rear carry handles, rack mounting kit included
      Premium detachable AWG 12 power cord with silver solder
      THX Ultra2 certified
      Continuous power output, 20Hz - 20 kHz:
      400 watts RMS x 1, 8 Ω
      800 watts RMS x 1, 4 Ω
      1200 watts RMS x 1, 2 Ω Class A power output, 20Hz - 20 kHz:
      25 watts, bias set to high, 8 Ω
      10 watts, bias set to low, 8 Ω Current capacity:
      135 amperes peak Power bandwidth:
      2 Hz - 120 kHz, +0/-3 dB at 1 watt Total harmonic distortion:
      < 0.15 % at full power IM distortion: balanced 16 V rms
      < 0.03 % Slew rate:
      > 130 V/µsecond Dynamic headroom:
      > 1.8 dB Input sensitivity:
      1 V for 28.28 V, THX Reference Level Input impedance:
      100 k Ω S/N ratio:
      >120 dB, IHF A-weighted, bias set to high
      >122 dB, IHF A-weighted, bias set to low Damping factor:
      > 1200 at 20 Hz Power Requirement :
      250 watts idle 1280 watts full power into 4 Ω DC trigger output capacity :
      +12 Vdc, 150 mA Dimensions:
      17-1/2" w x 7-5/8" h x 20" d, 7" h without feet Net weight: 64 lb.
      Stereophile: https://www.stereophile.com/solidpoweramps/774/index.html
      Home Theater Review: https://hometheaterreview.com/parasound-halo-jc-1-monaural-amplifier-reviewed/
      Enjoy the Music: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/1103/parasoundjc1.htm


    • By Aussieamps
      Item: Holton Audio One-Zero-Zero Mini Supreme
      Location: Launceston, TAS
      Price: $2800.00 Includes Shipping Within Australia
      Item Condition: Brand New
      Reason for selling: On Sale!
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Credit Card, Direct Deposit
      Extra Info:
      Normal Price is $3200.00
      PM Me for details or email me at info@holtonprecisionaudio.com


    • By Goatboy
      Item: Exposure 3010 Stereo Power Amplifier
      Location:  Blue Mountains, NSW
      Price: $680
      Item Condition: Very good
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup / Post - Cash, Paypal

      I bought this amp off the forums in 2017, and it has mainly done HT duties as well as spinning 10 hours or so of vinyl each week. The amp has performed flawlessly and presents as warm and emotive, ie. the Exposure house sound. 
      The amp is rated at 100w / channel into 8 Ohms, and has the capability to run as a mono amp, as well as the option to biwire. Note: the amp only takes banana plugs. 
      Cosmetically, there are minor blemishes and some light scratches on the top of the unit.
      I have the original box, so happy to post.
      Power Output (Stereo): 100 Watts per channel at 1KHz into 8 Ohms
      Power output (bridged mono): 110 Watts at 1KHz into 8 Ohms
      Input Impedance: 18K ohms
      Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 KHz ±0.5dB
      Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.015% at rated output ref 1 KHz
      Signal to noise: >100 dB ref rated output
      Channel Separation: >60dB, 20Hz - 20KHz
      Mains Supply: 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (factory set)
      Power Consumption: <350VA, 8 ohm load both channels driven
      Dimensions (H x W x D): 115mmx440mmx300mm
      Net Weight (unpacked): 11kg
      Gross Weight (packed): 13kg

    • By Daryl Falkner
      Item: Meridian Active Loudspeakers M60
      Price: $800 + postage
      Item Condition:Excellent 
      Reason for selling:Purchasing small bookshelf as downsizing home. 
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Boothroyd and Stuart. 
      Made in Cambridge, England. 1989.
      I am the 2nd owner of these. 
      They are cosmetically 9/10. One very tiny scratch on one side of speaker. 
      I have tried to show in last 2 photos. 
      They certainly sound amazing and I’ve been told I will regret selling but simply no room. 
      I powered these through an Audiolab 8000S. 
      Aproximately 8meters of high quality interconnect cable on each speaker for perfect placement.  
      They are 31kg each. 
      900 high. 210 wide. 295 depth. 
      I have all original boxes with solid foam packing and manual. 

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