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Sydney Audio Club Meeting - Sunday 10th February 2019 - DAC Comparison

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On looks the 'Holo' is a hands down winner (to my taste of course..)

All three contestants were great -in different ways - although the Mytec didn't really get a fair hearing due to some kind of software (?) malfunction which, at the end made it a two horse race.


I did like the detail of the Benchmark DAC and, in the right system, would be hard to beat. 

Overall though, the Holo - in the context of the set up available there - sounded somewhat more natural ( or analogue as some like to say).


Of course, as Tom pointed out, it's all about synergy and it doesn't mean one device is *better* than the other. Different, yes, but *better* ...well, it comes down to personal taste I guess.


It was a great shoot out though and I hope we will see more happening in the not so distant future.  Thanks to all that supplied the equipment and organized the event.



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